January Makeup Favorites

Wednesday January 23, 2013   

A few things I’ve been using this winter. Both I received in December.

Estée Lauder Narcissist

Heavy Petals Nail Lacquer

A perfect soft pink.
It’s not too bright, not too dull. This is the shade of pink I’m always falling for again and again. It’s an opaque polish that looks perfect with just two quick light coats. I absolutely love Estée Lauder nail polish for its staying power and ease of application. This is only my second polish from them. The other is their Pure Red.

I’ve really be liking the dash of pink during the cold winter months. I picked this up during an after Xmas sale in December.

Urban Decay Naked Basics

I received this as a Xmas gift. It was buried in my stocking ^_^
At some point last year I suddenly felt a gaping hole in my eyeshadow life known as “matte texture.” Some days my eyes looked so rough in shimmers. Plus mattes look more sophisticated at the office…

OK I just kept reading a lot about using more mattes as you approach 30 and “suddenly” I wanted some. lolol

I only had two matte shades in the UD Naked 2 palette that I used. So Mike got me this. I really like it. I joke that I “can do American makeup now!” :?: :?:

I’ve been using it almost daily on weekdays. I think I could hit pan on it which I haven’t done on shadows in years. Only gripe is I wish they’d make the black smaller in the palette. I rarely touch it. And the case is a bitch to open so I shaved down the inner clasp so it would open more easily.


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14 Responses to “January Makeup Favorites”

  1. Lolo says:

    That’s a really lovely pink color~ For Christmas I received an Este Lauder gift with a bunch of products in a cute make up pouch. One of the products was the Pure Color nail Lacquer in the color ‘Enchanted Garnet.’ They have really wearable colors.

    What I’ve noticed that I do is when it’s fall and Christmas/New Years is approaching, my nail polish colors are usually dark or in the deep reds. Once New Years passes, my nails are frosty, silver, light, creme, pink…looking toward the spring~

    • jenny says:

      I think that’s where my mind is too. Last year I held onto a deep red late into spring but this year I’m just really diggin’ this pink & a beige I’ve had for a while. And YUP since new Year’s! On NYE I wore this pink with silver glitter :D

  2. Elaine says:

    My favorite colors from the Naked palette are Naked and Buck! I think the matte texture is a lot more suitable for daytime. Cute nail color *~*

    • jenny says:

      Yeah this was my feeling. I was suddenly wishing I had more matte shades for days where I had big office meetings, etc. I’m shorter and younger than most my coworkers so sometimes I want to steer clear of makeup that might be perceived as youthful just in case :). It at least gives ME more confidence in those situations xD

  3. Mai says:

    I haven’t seen the Naked Basics palette yet but I haven’t seen too many girls in Japan wearing matte eyeshadows anyway. It’s either not the trend here or I’ve been really oblivious XD;;

  4. Bianca says:

    I wonder when I will start wearing eyeshadow again! I stopped for like two years, I feel weird now

  5. ashlyne says:

    would love to see some looks featuring the basics palette! am curious how american makeup would look on you ;)

  6. NEKO-CHAN says:

    matte is not en vogue OMGAR

  7. chibisou says:

    that nail polish is so soft in colour. very nice to use for the “sexy” outfit..lol haha


  8. Zoey says:

    I’m totally not rushing out to buy that Urban Decay palette. /shifty eyes. All I have is sparkle / colour! I need something in the middle, damnit!

    How does the eyeshadow apply? Is it more powdery or creamy?


  9. cardiac says:

    I’m lusting after this basic-palette…awww…jealous ;)
    And the polish looks amazing too! Love these!

  10. Tori says:

    That pink really is gorgeous! I feel like I need more pinks in my polish collection… Sadly I only have this neon one that is just too summery for everyday :(

    I really like the look of the Naked Basics palette too. I have way too many eyeshadow palettes as it is, but this looks like a good one to switch to since those are the colours I normally use anyway! Loved the joke about ‘American makeup,’ haha XD

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