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Wednesday January 30, 2013   

New post!

My blog was going through some growing pains. I appreciate the concerns, though they weren’t really necessary. No big deal you know. Left the default layout up while I stabilized my usual version with upgraded PHP. Thanks for the patience. I think I restored the database half a dozen times. Still need to re-tag posts, add smiles, etc.

I wrote this a few nights ago…

I’m not “stuck”, but I was thinking about all the times I have been; clothing-wise. I sometimes find it’s easier to focus on what I don’t think fits into my “style” compared to what I do. This is based on more than aesthetic. I take into consideration comfort and personal wearable track record.

I’ll find blouses and think “this is great, it’ll go easily with denim!”
But I rarely wear jeans… I have 1 pair of blue denim jeans! So why the heck am I looking at tops that go great with jeans!?

Old habits die hard. I used to wear jeans a lot. I just don’t feel myself in blue jeans most days. Neither a good nor a bad thing, just not for me right now.

Sometimes it’s easy for me to forget what I don’t wear. What items from my past (or even current) sit & sit; being passed over again and again rarely seeing the light of day. This drives me to shop smarter and with more intent.

Sure, sometimes something bought impulsively during a sale that has sat in my closet for months might suddenly become a workable loved item after a wardrobe refresh, but that doesn’t happen often enough to validate needless purchases in my closet.

Case in point: Zara Knit Top

zara striped knit top

I bought this knit top from Zara’s over a year ago. It was an impulse purchase because french naval stripes are my #1 favorite combination. I figured as a tunic and a warm knit it would go well with jeans… but every time I put the top on it felt too sloppy. Too tunic style. Plus the thick knit mixed with ¾ sleeves was rather hard to pair with DC weather. I was either too hot or too cold.

So I shrank it hoping a tighter fit would push me to wear it more. It did somewhat but then… the pockets. They were cute looking but not practical for someone who always tucked in shirts!

I think I wore this top maybe half a dozen times. I always put it away thinking it just needed the “right weather.” I considered selling it in my blog sale but convinced myself to wear it again. It looks flipping great when I wear it! I just don’t like wearing it because I want to tuck it into my skirts. Basically it just isn’t working for me and the only thing I like about it is the aesthetic.

So lesson learned? I bought it without much thought or deliberation. I didn’t visual just how it would fit into my current wardrobe.

Recently I spotted this in a few recent Madewell ads…

OMG salvation!? There’s no mention of this oxford yet so it’ll probably show up in a few months (late March maybe) for sale on the site. There’s a matching knit version for spring in their Lookbook but it has this lace panel in the front that I’m just not feeling. I want this elusive oxford version.

This shirt is on my Hunt List.

I just made that word up but it fits.

When it comes out I’m buying it if it meets my criteria of:

  1. long sleeved
  2. comfortable relaxed material
  3. basic striped design (no lace addons like that knit version.)

If they have a free shipping deal I’ll just order it online but I’ll try to catch it in stores if not.

Honestly though it looks more like a relaxed chino material which I’d be into for spring/summer.



15 Responses to “Getting Unstuck”

  1. Eliz says:

    I’m currently having the same problem with purses in my wardrobe.. sometimes I’ll find a great (knock-off!) of trendy items instead of focusing on classic pieces that I can use forever.. and then use my jansport back to work every day! You have a good eye for being picky about striped tops :) my height is 5″6 (so, pretty tall for an asian girl..) so the most I have in mind with shirts is that one it’s of a really long length, and secondly, the sleeves don’t cut off mid forearm or something like that!

    congrats on the blog update! the old one reminded me of the b2 cafelog blog

  2. eri says:

    I was looking for that shirt too when they rolled out the new arrivals! (Hi, by the way. Long time reader, first time commenting. Love your blog!) I had a feeling you’d like that shirt. ^^;;
    It must be the new year or something but I’ve been thinking more about my shopping habits too and trying to visualize myself wearing things before I buy them. It’s been inspirational reading your thought process about shopping and wardrobes. So thanks! Were you able to resist the recent Madewell sale? I ended up buying a couple shirts.. T_T

    • jenny says:

      I know they had that 40% off up FOREVER! But I resisted ;) If it weren’t my resolution for a 3 month madewell ban I would have bought stuff flat out. There were some really good deals so I hope you’re enjoying your purchases!!!

      And I appreciate the kind words about my blog. I know when I read about other women’s view of their closet whether or not it reflects mine I still enjoy it.

  3. Michelle says:

    Ah I have this problem all the time. I have a love/hate for three quarter sleeves. Love it on dresses, but I hate it on tops/sweaters (esp. the ones I have to wear at J.Crew). It’s so funny to me that I anticipate new Madewell things, but I work at the other sister brand. If only I could wear JUST Madewell for ever and have a Madewell closet. A girl could only dream~

    • jenny says:

      Same. I have a few other 3/4 tops and I just feel so meh about the annoying sleeve length no matter how nice it looks or how spring/fall it is gah!

  4. Maho says:

    This knit top is really adorable (and even goes well to denim jeans hahaha). I know your problem, same here. At home I only own one pair of denim jeans and I don’t know why. All my other bottoms have other colours. :)

    • jenny says:

      Ha! I rarely wear my 1 pair too and sometimes I think the same thing. I feel like you HAVE to have a pair but I rarely bust them out. Last time I wore them someone exclaimed “I have never seen you in blue jeans!?!!”

  5. eri says:

    Maybe you know this already but that striped shirt is at Shopbop! I don’t know how I feel about that pocket but it seems to be very popular.. only 1 left already?!

    • jenny says:

      Well crap no i did not!!!!!!!!!!! Now, to wait for it to come to my Madewell or to buy now…. Hmmm….

      • jenny says:

        UUUUUUUGH thank you I BOUGHT IT \:d/
        free ship, free return, no tax & in my size :)

      • eri says:

        Sorry.. ^_^;; I think I’ll wait to try it on at the store. I wonder why they have different releasing schedules..

        • jenny says:

          I don’t know but I’ve noticed the shop & their stores will switch. Like for months the stores get stuff first THEN online but then suddenly online gets it first then the store. I feel like they’re testing which is the most profitable order.

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