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Friday February 01, 2013   

Over the holidays I received two different Ettusais lip products courtesy of Yesstyle.

Lip Essence (honey stick)
Lip Essence (color tint)

Lip Essence Honey Stick

The packaging! There was something about this stick’s design I just adored. The little bee design and the texture of the stick was fantastic. The size was great too for carrying around. (Just don’t forget it and then accidentally Dry Clean the tube like I did ruining it!)

The flavor of the chapstick was a medicinal honey. Like honey cough syrup. Infused with royal honey & beeswax. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t awful either. The essence stayed on for a long time and really, really moisturized. It was what I was using day in and day out.

This is the description:

Introducing Lip Essence Honey stick from the popular Lip Essence! Formulated with honey and other ingredients for a proven moisturizing effect. Can change dry winter lips into baby-soft lips.

Lip Essence

This is the tube version of their lip essence. It is a super shiny but also moisturizing lip gloss. I find it to be the prettiest for natural but plumper looking lips. The gloss itself isn’t too tacky or annoying (I’m often not a fan of liquid-type glosses these day.) I feel it looks really nice for photos too without being overpowering. The color tint is extremely subtle. If anything, the color evens out your natural lip color. Limited edition color tint.

This is the description:

Gives your lips a rich glossy luster while treating roughness, dryness and protecting them from UV rays. Promotes blood circulation needed for pink healthy lips. It keeps your lips moisturized with hyper gloss oil, while reducing the look of vertical lines on lips and protecting lips with SPF 18 PA ++. It’s the lazy girl’s way to pretty lips 24/7.


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  1. NEKO-CHAN says:

    wow this is so kawaii arigato 4 sharing

  2. eri says:

    Ah, how I wanted to love the stick version! I got the regular pink one on my last Tokyo trip after hearing so many good reviews but sadly it just wasn’t moisturizing enough for me (and I don’t like lip glosses). I guess I have dry lips? But I like how they keep things interesting by releasing different flavors and I can never get tired of that baby face. So cute :)

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