This Week

Friday February 28, 2014 comments   

I’m tired of posting snow so I didn’t, ha! Actually it was nice to see the snow return since I knew it wouldn’t stay warm long. I think it was 9°F this morning

Last weekend it got up into the 60°’s so like any other sane person I ran out immediately and ate ice cream then complained about being cold for an hour afterwards.

I also took the Valentine’s roses and soaked some of the petals in essential rose oil for a bit then added them into the tub for a bath. Will be doing this a lot more often.

Last night I stopped by Madewell to check out a few of their new spring releases. I tried on this skirt and dress but they didn’t fit like I had hoped so I’ll wait for more of their releases to show up in store.


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Short Bangs

Thursday February 27, 2014 comments   

Someone on Tumblr asked about my style of bangs so I scanned in a few inspirations from Baila, Mer, and Choki Choki Girls. Thought I’d post them here too :)


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