I Want Angel Heart

Friday February 21, 2014   

Angel Heart Shampoo

I ordered a bunch of Angel Heart stuff today because I really wanted that nostalgic scent in my life again. I bought it as my “hotel” shampoo last time in Tokyo and brought the rest home. After trying to hunt down Ettusais’s gel top coat and having no luck on major sale sites I figured I should indulge this impulse while I can. I got the hair wash, hair treatment, and body lotion. I also got this apple scented body supplement moisturizing spray from the same brand. Looked too interesting to pass up especially with the apple scent and also I was having a crap day so why the hell not! Should be arriving in a few weeks. Good timing for spring.

Angel Heart Shampoo



4 Responses to “I Want Angel Heart”

  1. L says:

    I love original angel heart scent! Can’t wait to see your purchases :D

    I think you can find the ettusais gel top coat on rakuten but you may need a forwarding service though…

    • jenny says:

      Yeah that’s why I said major sellers. I like dior’s gel top coat. It’s almost as good but at $25 I wanted to see if just maybe Sasa or imomoko or even amazon or eBay had it but none right now. Life’s hard lol

  2. Tiana says:

    Isn’t it weird how a smell can instantly transport you back in time? Whenever I travel somewhere new, I take a new hand lotion scent with me, so that when I get home, all I need to do is butter up my hands with that scent to feel like I’m back in Tokyo or anywhere else in the world.

    I think I need to start doing that with my hotel shampoos! It would probably intensify the nostalgia haha

    I hope the apple scent works out for you! I LOVE apple scented things

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