Planning a Potted Garden for Bees

Thursday April 10, 2014   

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With what will hopefully be the final snow behind us, I started thinking about my potted garden for summer. Some years I put in more effort than others. Last year I’d consider it a medium effort. I mostly planted chives for chopping up for my cold soba dishes. I’m limited to what will grow in the partial-shade that is my balcony but I’m considering expanding to the other side of my house this year as well.

Plants bees like

After seeing this Save the Bees image on Tumblr I want to plant something for bees on the west side of my home. I get more sun there and also if it draws a ton of bees it will
1) not bother me as much there &
2) make people think twice about knocking on my door.


Mike likes sunflowers and I think I want to see if I can get some smaller versions to grow there. Bees like sunflowers and they also like zinnias which I adore. Zinnias were the first plant I grew as a kid. I know I want chives again, but wouldn’t mind other herbs so I might do a herb pot similar to what I had a few years ago. I won’t be doing mint though because that shit comes back every year and won’t ever die to the point you have more mint than you know what to do with!

I am always wanting new pots and containers too. Unfortunately these things aren’t cheap and I often want something different each year. IKEA is great for style + price but a lot of their items lack functionality (aka no drain holes for outdoor use!) I’m thinking of painting cheap terra cotta pots this year. I did once when I was younger and it was fun so hopefully I’m not getting myself into an art project that will be full of disappointment.

painted terra cotta pots
painted terra cotta pots
potted garden ideas

Inspiration for painting terra cotta

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9 Responses to “Planning a Potted Garden for Bees”

  1. mika says:

    I saw that on your tumblr! I’m really interested in planting things too now! ^^ well I hope those that knock on your door won’t be hurt by bees, and they are also just doing their job or something so haha

  2. Sofia says:

    Ooooh gardening season is really starting isn’t it? I have a small greenhouse in my window, so far I only have a tiny flower in it but I wanna get a tomato plant or something~ Not sure what will work in a window… but it’s sunny there all day at least! Have fun with painting pots and saving bees Jenny! :)

  3. Anna says:

    I’ve always wanted to grow some fruit and vegetables but the weather doesn’t let me do so.
    If you don’t mind me asking what app did you use for those stamps on the last picture? Thanks!

  4. Mai says:

    I’m so glad the cold and snowy weather is behind us. I’m not much of a gardener (yet) but my parents have a huge garden in the backyard. I can’t wait to see what crops will grow ^^

  5. Thao says:

    Oooh this is a good reminder for me to great started on my balcony garden this weekend before it’s too late. I bought some seeds a while back, but I haven’t planted them. One of it is for miniature sunflowers. I’m hoping it works out. So far, I only have a pitiful little tomato plant that’s barely alive. ^^; I love how well your plant grew in your pictures (from last year?).

  6. Lisa says:

    You know what I found out about those pots without drainage holes!? They’re meant to be decorative only and hold plants already in drainage pots.

    It use to drive me crazy to find these little cute pots that didn’t have holes in the bottom, like “whatever I plant in here will DIE”.

    If you like cilantro, that stuff is mad easy to grow. ;)

  7. Churi Chan says:

    I really wish I had green fingers :S Fake plants like me the best xP

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