A Warm Weekend

Sunday April 13, 2014   

I’m starting to worry this summer might be as hot as this winter was cold. It’s mid-April and I decided to turn the AC on today. I wanted to run it before it got too hot just in case it was broken or something haha! Hate to wait till a 90° day to discover that, you know!

Saturday I shopped for my gardening supplies along with every other person in the tri-state area. It was a madhouse. Fortunately no one was too bothered with the terra cotta section. Checked out and then got to work that afternoon painting them.

painting terra cotta

I experimented with layering white over gold paint. I thought it would be a disaster but now I regret not painting all of them gold underneath. I’ve already decided to repaint the ones without gold next year. :) And while I like how they look solid gold it wasn’t really the look I was going for but having the cut-out shapes in gold worked really well!

Now to start a few seeds indoors while I wait for the rest of my Burpee order to arrive.



7 Responses to “A Warm Weekend”

  1. Krissel says:

    Oooh, those pots look great! I like the idea of doing a gold underpaint!

  2. Mai says:

    Those pots are so cute! I’d be worried if the white was so sheer that it wouldn’t fully cover up the gold, but it doesn’t look like you ran into that problem :D

  3. Churi Chan says:

    The pots look nice :D Where I live we have had an unforgettable mild winter so I have a bad feeling when it comes to summer. May be we get our winter then :S

  4. Krystal says:

    We live in a flat and I so so so wish we have a garden! I’ll love to be able to create cute pots like what you’ve done.

  5. Honeydew says:

    The pots look sooo cute. Can’t wait to see your garden!

  6. Sewon says:

    Ohh I love the gold/white pots you painted! I can’t wait to see more photos of your potted plants. :)

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