Japanese Magazine “Mart”

Monday November 17, 2014 comments   

Last month I randomly picked up Mart magazine. I saw it had some mason jar specific section and bought it immediately. I was looking for something less fashion and more lifestyle and Mart is definitely that. It focuses around food, home, and fashion. A lot of tutorials, recipes, cafe recommendations, home decorating ideas, and so on. There are a few pages devoted to fashion and beauty as well.

I scanned in about 20 pages. There was an entire “Costco” section (ha!) It had some good ideas and I ended up trying grape seed oil for the first time because of it. There was also a nice section on fragrance in the home, mason jar trends, small gardens for cooking, and decorating an entryway.

Mart Magazine
Mart Magazine
Mart Magazine

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What I’ve Been Wearing for Fall

Wednesday November 12, 2014 comments   

I haven’t done a wardrobe update since summer. Now it’s nearing the end of autumn and I’ve been talking a lot about mixing in pastels for winter on my Tumblr. Usually I’m all black and white for winter but after looking at what I’ve been wearing for fall I can see why I might be ready for a little change.

This isn’t really everything but a good sample because I actually have 2 pairs of black denim, and 2 black tees and another white tee I’m wearing. So really it’s about as capsule wardrobe as I’ve ever been because I have a lot of very similar pieces.

Everything is from Madewell except the leather style jacket and shoes which I got from Nordstrom’s. I haven’t been able to get out much this past 2 months so majority of these I bought online. It’s a lot easier to shop a store like Madewell because I’m familiar with their sizing. The free shipping and easy returns help too though I haven’t had to return anything from them in so long.

The polish on the right is what I’ve been wearing most. Called Stairway to Heaven. It’s gorgeous and feels like a light color to go with to contrast all the black. It’ll also work with what I’m leaning towards for winter which is a lot of black and white paired with soft blushes of blue and pink. My new winter coat is actually a muted blush color and no longer black. With my mood being very down this fall I want to work in some uplifting color palettes.


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