A Few Favorite Cheap Makeup Brushes

Thursday November 05, 2015   

I had Labor Day off and I took the time to catch up on sorting through my current lot of brushes while giving them all a full clean. I decided to part with some while others I realized how happy I’ve been with them and wanted to share.

makeup brushes

ELF face brush

First up this elf cosmetics complexion brush. I bought it while visiting family this summer to go with a bronzer I picked up while there. I just needed something to hold me over until I could use my IT Cosmetics face brush. Well, to my surprise, I found myself reaching for this a lot even after getting home. It’s really nice for applying bronzer, highlight, face powder, anything. I hadn’t planned on keeping it but I really like it for travel and for using when I want to apply a heavy bronzer look.

Morphe makeup brushes

I posted on Instagram when I ordered a bunch of Morphe brushes after finding recommendations on YouTube. These 3 were instant stand-outs.

The G14 oval shadow brush is fantastic. I use it mostly as my eyeshadow base brush or if I’m only applying a single color. It’s large and soft and does a good job of both aplying color and blending out the edges a bit while you apply. It was my immediate favorite.

The G17 blender brush I like for blending my concealer. It didn’t do much on my eyes. My lids are very plump and textured hoods. I need something harder for blending eyeshadow. But for concealer this has been fantastic for airbrushing over zits and blending out around the under eyes and nose.

Lastly the M500 is a nice versatile face brush. I got it because the shape reminded me of my Paul and Joe travel blush brush which I love. It’s a bit softer and thinner than that though. It does a great job with bronzer when you want to slowly build up color (office look) and I use it for highlighter and blush as well. It’s for soft application. I use it every day I do makeup now. It works really well for me as winter approaches and I’m grower ever paler. I can easily apply too much color as I transition to vampire pale

small Sephora blush brush

This thing is what I use for contouring. Sephora’s Classic Mini Multitasker. I went through so many brushes looking for one to do my contour just right and this has been it ever since I ordered it on sale months ago. Contouring on pale skin leaves very little room for mistakes. Angle brushes often cut “outside the lines” when I used them (I had to be too precise.) The soft medium stiff round brush here was perfect. It runs $14 full price but I got it for $6.99. Hopefully it goes on sale often.

That’s it for now. I have a few others that I only sort of like or am still experimenting with. A few eco tools brushes and a new elf mini blender brush for eyeshadow.


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4 Responses to “A Few Favorite Cheap Makeup Brushes”

  1. Nicky says:

    I like e.l.f flat brush, I hadn’t really tried others, but maybe I will. I really like them because they don’t shed! I brought dozens of Morphe brushes and they are crap! Sheds like crazy.

    • jenny says:

      Yeah I had 3 other morphe brushes in my order that I just ended up not liking. They didn’t shed but they were just underwhelming and useless. I had an elf blush brush but it packed pigment on too strongly for my skintone.

      One thing I wish more beauty gurus did is describe their skin type when recommending brushes. I’ve found that depending on texture, plumpness, and of course shape, brushes for some May not work for others.

  2. NICKY says:

    Good point Jenny, I never thought about using brushes really for skin type. And I wish beauty gurus were more honest, I like your reviews and and other blogs. I actually went to Japan and brought the ettusais gel polish you recommended, I like it but seiche vote is king for me.

  3. Sarita says:

    I’ve been waffling back and forth over buying some Morphe brushes, definitely going to have to go check them out! That m500 brush looks great!

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