Lacy Things and Pink

Thursday March 25, 2010   

Surprise package from Rene! Well, not 100% surprise since we’ve been worried it got lost! :faceaha: Totally made my day! In it there was a set of Canmake lashes :lovelymake:, a lovely Mixed Berry Face Mask :berry:, and some Morinaga chocolate special “sweet soy sauce” edition! Haahaa it tastes good! A bit like those chocolate bars that add in a taste of sea salt. :good:

There was 1 more thing included…
It’s so spring time perfect! :laughingheart:
Off-white with lace trimmings! :crownkisses:

Worn with dark jean leggings but they always look black in pictures, haahaa

Thank you~~ :rose1:

I actually bought a skirt that’s off-white and lace for spring too! :ladeeda: I liked how it was a bit full, like a W♥C skirt! :gigglewakuface: I got it from YesStyle! It’s still for sale at Q.T. Girl here!

Here it is in an outfit from after work earlier this week. I paired it with another YesStyle purchase, this pink padded vest! I love this vest! I’ve worn it so much already this spring (the past 2 weeks that have been “spring” haahaa!) :rainyumb:

And on the topic of pink stuff… I got this nail polish last night for $2 :kyaaface: I already removed my previous brown polish I put on this week and went to this. :kissyheart: Currently adding some gold sparkle tips :twinklepink: to my nails as I type~! :good: I’m too crappy with doing even tips so I’m using those sticker sheets for creating even lines! Haahaa! Best investment ever! :updiamond:

I actually didn’t have a pink in this shade. :laughingheart: I also don’t own a pure red polish either. Need to get one~ :bow::gigglewakuface: I want to do my nails in red, white, & blue for my birthday trip to New York! I know, can’t get much lamer than that but I don’t care!!

Had a mini-blackout here while typing this. So strange! I think a transistor blew as the power company was working on it up the street. :supercry::ashock: I haven’t lost power at night in a long, long time! :ackface: I love how when I ran out onto my balcony everyone else had already ran outside too, haahaa. :toto: Yes, let’s run into the darkness in grand confusion!! Oh human nature~~ :sqdusk:


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57 Responses to “Lacy Things and Pink”

  1. PetSugar says:

    ahhh the dress is the best thing on earth!

  2. Charlene says:

    Oh your nails are so pretty. I’ve finally grown mine out! Now I can paint them too. Heehee. And that dress is too cute! I would prefer to keep the dress more soft ad springy if it was worn on me. Like…hm… off white/cream stockings! w/ your pink pumps and other (pale) pink accessories to accent it. Or gold..yes…gold…haha. Off-white is sometimes tricky to match colors with.

  3. Shai says:

    Love the lace-y dress!
    And i love surprise packages. My days always so shitty and a thoughtful gift and a sweet letter makes me happier!

  4. fai says:

    I LOVE the first dress! I agree, it’s perfect for Spring!! I hope you will do a review on canmake eyelashs, I’ve always wanted to try it :)

    Sweet soy sauce flavored chocolate? it is new for me haha

  5. Sara Mari says:

    What a sweet love package from your friend. That chocolate looks absolutely delicious! Who doesn’t like sweet and salty flavors hehe. And that dress, it’s so romantic and girly!

    I like your coordinate, the skirt matches so well with the W*C top^^

    Oh, that’s so smart you use the paper (tape?) to make clean edges on your manicure! I am way too lazy to do that haha.

    • jenny says:

      Yea they’re paper stickers! Bought em at CVS in the nail department XD I SHOULD use them more often & stop being lazy XDD

  6. Ayu says:

    I’ve been dying for spring to come after seeing all the lovely lacy white stuff being featured for months. Really love the skirt. Seems like every designer has their own version of that skirt :)

  7. Zoraida says:

    Human nature is so lulzy! Especially when we hear gunshots and RUN TOWARD THEM x_x

    I love weird chocolate flavors … like matcha flavored kit kats!!! THOSE ARE SO GOOD!

  8. emma says:

    hope the blackout isnt a big deal!

  9. Caitlin says:

    Love the Kuma-tan coord and those nail sticker things look really helpful. I have never been very good at painting my nails but I sure would like to try more adventurous things after seeing your cute nails.

  10. Anna says:

    The white dress is so cute! And I’m actually looking for something like that white puffy skirt of yours!

  11. that dress is gorgeous!!

  12. SUSY says:

    aaghhh love the package!! the dress is soooo cute ^_____^
    and i have something similar to your white skirt! except mine has flowery patterns on top :P
    haha smart idea with the sticker strips to make the gold tips!!
    i really want to make my nails pretty but i work at a cafe and it wouldnt be very hygienic to wear nail polish :(

  13. chiihime says:

    Love love love your dress *-* so beautiful set!
    Where did you bought your boots?! From yesstyle?
    OMG love your vest its so cute >.

  14. Miah says:

    looooool! MASS CONFUSION! yay!
    and the blackout is a sign that you shouldnt paint your nails like so?
    that aside, love the skirt and dress. and those nails sticker thingys are SO USEFUL!!!
    i use em with a french manicure over grey nail polish. looks fab man. :D

  15. Nicole says:

    That dress is so cute on you!! :D I especially like it with the belt!

    I fail at making straight lines even with those stickers. XD I always put the stickers on crooked. D;

  16. monicalee says:

    Gosh! I LOVE your first coordination! So beautiful! I wish I could be thinner so that I can try sth like that;-)

  17. Veronica says:

    Aw! Rene is so nice!

    That dress she sent looks really light weight and comfy :D

  18. cin says:

    wow cute dress!! i wish i could afford more for your pressie :(
    maybe when i’m living in japan~
    your legs are so skinny!! *jealous* need to work on mine more!! >:O

    • jenny says:

      Oh please don’t feel like that! :( It’s honestly the thought that counts! I really am a person who cherishes a card alone!!!

      • cin says:

        aww thanks~ i hope you like mine :D i made the pom pom hairtie :D
        i’ll make one for myself too today! yay matching hairtie! XD

  19. Ys says:

    lol that Morinaga chocolate sounds gross ;) What a strange mixture of tastes ;)

    Aww cute dress and skirt. Seriously, Poupee-style items *jealous* :)

  20. May says:

    I looooove your skirt :D
    I’m looking for a lace skirt too x) (or a lace dress ^^)
    And i like your nailpolish, I was looking for a pink one too today, but I’m not sure this shade of pink will suit my fingers although i love this shade x(

  21. hi hi

    i nominated you for a blog award
    because, i really like what kind of stuff u post on u blog its just lovely :)
    Just check it on my blog whenever you want to

    Cheon-Hwa ^^

  22. Tori says:

    That was so sweet of your friend! That dress is lovelyyy~
    You always pick out the cutest coordinates too, haha~ I love how you paired that vest with the skirt + wc shirt! Adds an unexpected element ;)
    & I agree with Cin, your legs are amazingly skinny~ you need to share your secrets!! lol~

    • jenny says:

      Haahaa, only secret is they get MUCH wider near the top! LOLS I do leg massage every other night which really has reduced daily swelling & bloating in my legs for sure~

  23. Jing says:

    The lace trimmed dress is very lovely. Has a vintage feel to it, which I like :) I need jean leggings in my life. Seriously, two of my favorite things combined.

  24. rene says:

    I’m glad the package make your day! Reading this post make my day too!

  25. Meli says:

    omo! i love the white dress and how you styled it !
    and btw i was watching project runway and the designers had to make a print and one of them totally copied cher design with the color scheme and the heart thing~
    idk thought you should know :]

    • jenny says:

      Haahaa I saw your comment then watched that episode On Demand XDDD! How funny!!! The things they said about the pattern “could look good in different colors, sizes, on different fabrics!” LOLs well they’re right that’s for sure! *thinks of Cher bags.

      It sorta looks like another brand designers logo too but I can’t quite remember~~

  26. Kim says:

    When I first read lace… I was going to give you a suggestion I’ve recently been getting about lace underwear! I love your outfit — pairing a dress with boots and leggings is always great for me :)

  27. Thanh Thao says:

    Hi Jenny!!!

    It’s been a while! Sorry for not commenting so often, but it is difficult to follw your blog, because it is not on blogspot! So I have to check it manually!

    Lovely present! And an even more lovelier dress! Very beautiful!

    Have a great weekend!

  28. Miah says:

    i was wondering… have you ever bought anything off the Shibuya 109 website, without the help of that personal shopper girl? *forgot her name…

  29. Deso says:

    oh cute dress!! it gives off a light feeling.
    Hmm never had a pink nail polish, since i never really was into pink. But i kind of want to try it now lol :P
    Love the skirt! I think I have seen something similar in the “wet seal” store at our local mall. :D

  30. kimmy says:

    Jenny, wow, the ones you bought are so cute!:D I like that short skirt with the vest >

  31. Abby says:

    I LOVE that dress! It reminds me so much of spring.
    And i’ve to try those nail strips o.o”
    I didnt even know they existed!

  32. mishi says:

    That dress is amazing!

    & I love the gold tips ;D! Pink & gold go so well together like that.

  33. Becca says:

    such a lovely lace cream dress :) *love*

  34. Linda says:

    omggg that dress is so cuteee!

  35. Ayaka says:

    O M G I love this dress ! Kawaii ~
    And you’re so thin, I’m jealous ! :’D

  36. Gloria says:

    Your leggings look grey to me. Love that get-up! *Hope you get this comment now that I’m in Beijing* (^.

  37. Sarah says:

    Wow, I randomly ran across your blog and I love it!
    That outfit is so freaking adorable ^.^

  38. Micky says:

    This is the first time that I post a comment but I love so muuuuch your style !!! And you are terribly cute !!! I’m jealous of your clothes too xD You are great, seriously

  39. Karo says:

    I loved the skirt and the dress! They’re so cute~~ 。◕‿◕。

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