Quiet Weekend

Sunday June 06, 2010   

Woke up at 8 today and ran out for Caramel French Toast breakfast! :hungry: I really only enjoy eating breakfast out if it’s early :D :wakuwakuheart: There’s something wonderful about throwing on some clothes and heading out half asleep with messy hair~ no make~ that just feels RIGHT! If it’s past 10:00 I’d rather just stay in and cook breakfast at home :piggy:

The weather’s been awful all weekend. :rainyumb: On & off again sudden storms. :bozu: I hate rainy season because it almost always rains on the weekends! :;_;: Took a gamble yesterday and walked around downtown. :heartex: It only started raining on my way back thankfully. Checked out DAR Constitutional Hall since I’ve got tickets to see Conan there this Tuesday! yaaaaaaaay~ :bow:

Looool at the hall!
Weeeeeeeeee, we found it! :mkpoo:

I told Mike this was the place last time but he didn’t believe me! :?: So when his blackberry led us here yesterday I just quietly took my “I told you so” victory, haahaa~

I wore this new top I got from Yesstyle yesterday too! It’s actually a ruffle top paired with a crochet top also from Yesstyle. :good: The ruffle top is here from ZOO and the vest can be found here from Stylementor.

Then went out later for Bung Soo~~! :headheart:
I love this place because each time it’s a little different. Even though I always get the non-fat frozen yogurt version of their bing soo, it depends on who’s working & what they have in that really determines the toppings! :twinklepink: This time they had mochi bits again (last time they replaced the mochi bits with gummi bears, which was great but I like mochi better.) They also added bananas and a cinnamon honey cereal topping this time! hehe
The mixture of cinnamon & banana was so delicious :P

Been playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 A LOT this weekend. :star2: Like until my wiimote’s batteries die and need recharging!! :facepalmcry:

We’re nearly done with World 6 omfgggg :ashock: :cfaha2: :excitedyo: It’s funny because they little player2 luma reminds me so much of the Care Bears’ star pals!! :headheart:


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53 Responses to “Quiet Weekend”

  1. f says:

    I love french toast! I love making it and I love eating it. Om nom nom.

  2. Helen says:

    ahh that frozen yogurt looks soo good.
    & your outfit saturday is really pretty ! (:

  3. Maikue says:

    an early breakfast sounds LOVELY!!!

    I love waking up early for breakfast too! especially when the house is quiet!!

  4. Honeydew says:

    Your no make up look is so natural and pretty! :)

  5. Tori says:

    You look great with no make, I’m jealous!! lol~
    Yay for french toast this weekend! I ate it yesterday morning && this morning, haha XD I’m not sure which I like better~ pancakes or french toast~ but the weekend is the only time to enjoy both so I make sure I do!
    Your outfit yesterday was lovely~ how is the quality of that ruffle top? I ordered some stuff from ZOO in my last YesStyle order & I only ended up keeping one item because the rest were really poor quality :(
    btw, your hair is looking great sans bangs! ❤

    • jenny says:

      I know what you mean bout ZOO. This quality was a bit better than usual since it cost a bit more than their usual price (I think in the 30s?). I’d say on par with charlotte russe or papaya.

  6. Becky says:

    the crochet vest is very cute with the ruffle top~ perfect pair :)
    the frozen yogort looks sooo good.

  7. ana says:

    That yogurt looks so yummy with all that fruit. Love the way you dress, you always seem to combine things perfectly and as always beautiful. :)

  8. Hachi says:

    Definitely wanna try caramel french toast! I’m the same after 10am is pointless (but this is possibly thanks to being a child and McDonalds not doing breakfast after 10!)
    Ah wanna try Bung Soo too!

  9. Sara Mari says:

    Indeed going out early for breakfast is the best, it’s like an adventure and the atmosphere is so sharp and unlike other times of the day. But of course, I could eat breakfast food all day everyday haha!

    And your throw on clothes are super cute. I would hate to show my throw on clothes that I wear out in public haha XD

  10. I love going out for breakfast/brunch too! I only wish I was able to do so more often. =\ Have fun at the show! I’m with Coco!!! ;)

  11. Miranda says:

    I love reading your blog and seeing your cute clothes :)

    &I’ve been dying to go and get Super Mario Galaxy 2
    I finished Mario Galaxy 1 with my sister and the game is just amazeballs

  12. rene says:

    Yum! Love caramel french toast! I feel the same about waking up early and breakfast outside. It just feels different. Maybe because we don’t do it often.
    Looking cute with centered parted hair!

  13. Veronica says:

    Eff yeah breakfast! we are diner freaks haha

    you will have the best time at the show – I literally just got back and am still freaking out from the greatness!!

  14. Jelena says:

    XD in France the morning we eat cereals!! like normal human! we have too much hungry to toasted bread XD yum yum!

  15. sidney says:

    mmm breakfast~~ i wake up early to webcam with my boyfriend, and it’s made me a complete morning person these days! i hope the habit sticks because it’s so nice being up when everyone else is sleeping and enjoying things…..like walking around all sleep-messy and getting breakfast hahaha

    my friend recently got super mario bros wii and it’s

    • sidney says:

      (oooh i hit enter or something it cut me off -_-)

      my friend recently got super mario bros wii and it’s SO MUCH FUN \o/ i’ve only played the original galaxy, but that’s so much fun, too~~ can’t wait to play #2!

  16. Diyana says:

    That outfit looks so pretty! And also, lovely new layout!!

  17. Leslie says:

    The french toast and bing soo look sooo good! I look forward to breakfast despite eating cheerios w/ soy milk nearly everyday. -w- But I think I shall make some french toast for myself today~

    Ahh, I’ve always wanted to try Super Mario Galaxy but I don’t have a wii! T_T It looks so fun!

  18. jayjayne says:


    I can only eat a little Frenchy toast though – I suffer from sugar overload!

    Loving the ruffled top and vest combo! Adorable! :D

  19. Cimmybug says:

    Heya Jenny, loe your blog atm it’s so damn CUTE! Where do you get the caramel french toast, I wanna know ’cause I’m all intrigued :D Hope you enjoy/enjoyed the concert :)

  20. stella says:

    toast look so yummy..

    omg. i want to play this game so much!!!

  21. Jamie says:

    Lovely cap so kawaii

  22. Genevieve says:

    That looks like one delicious breakfast!

    I went to DAR once to see The Strokes. It was alright but we were waaay up top so it was hard to see lol. & the seating area was narrow so no dancing :(

    Cute outfit as always! ^_~

    & I’m SO DONE with this rain! Please tell me why it’s like 2 months late???

  23. Twinkle says:

    Long-time reader (used to follow you on LJ!) but first time commentor.

    I just had to say that we’re so breakfast opposites! I love to cook when I’m up early enough but if it’s after 10 a.m., I’m all for getting out of the house.

    I also wanted to ask: did you use a 3-barrel wave iron in the Constitutional Hall pictures? If not, I’m totally envious of your perfect waves!

    • jenny says:

      Hi hi! Nice to meet ya!! I did you a 3 barrel S-waver actually :)! Jumbo size~ make it go so quickly hahahaahaaa! My natural hair is extremely flat & straight sadly =Y

  24. Deso says:

    Aww what a nice breakfast! I can’t imagine waking up before its 10 on the weekends and getting out to breakfast lol. It’s great that you are capable of such heroics :D
    I love your new top! I can’t really tell in the pic if you have a skirt or shorts on underneath :P
    It keeps on raining here as well. So very annoying

  25. Cindy says:

    Cute new rain theme! I like the vest and ruffle top pairing, stylish and comfy. :-)

  26. Jenny says:

    Was that at iHop or some unknown to me resteraunt. And were they awesom?!!? I think carmel food and cracker jacks pop to mind xD hehehe

  27. chocoNIKKI says:

    Oh my gosh! That French Toast and Bing Su (No Pat (Red bean paste)?) look sooooo yummy!!
    Ah~ I haven’t had PatBingSu in weeks! >

  28. chocoNIKKI says:

    Oops.. It cut of my message! ah! *should read*

    Oh well, I just wanted to say I love your outfits!
    I really like overalls too, but can’t get colorful ones like yours here in Canada!~
    Maybe I’ll consider buying through a shopping service once I have more part-time money saved up…
    (The student income sucks! -o-;;)
    Or maybe get my bf to buy me it while he’s in Korea & Japan visiting relatives..
    Oh and I love how you write your texts on the pics!
    What program do you use…?

  29. Zoraida says:

    Mmmmm BREAKFAST! I’m weird .. I only really like eating breakfast foods for dinner hahahah I’m American I DO WHAT I WANT ;~;

    I love that you added teru teru bouzu on your layout!

  30. Abby says:

    mmmm that french toast looks really yummy.
    and that frozen yogurt looks good too. : )
    there is this frozen yogurt place that has topping ands stuff you can add on too and i LOVE the taro frozen yogurt with mochi :) MMM!

  31. kimmy says:

    mann I love super mario games :D hehheh

  32. Thanh Thao says:

    Yummy Toast! I like the atmosphere early morning, when nobody is really awake and the streets are empty! I have that every Saturday when I go to work at 7 am! :-))
    Your outfits and fotos are as cute as ever!
    We also own a Wii and it’s super much fun playing with it! :-))

  33. Cale says:

    Cuuuuuuute! *___*

  34. cin says:

    that bing soo looks soo good :D i wnder if they sell it here..
    you look so cute in your no make up + throw on clothes btw! and loving the stars on the vest!

  35. Ys says:

    Do you know I don’t think I’ve ever had breakfast out… except on holiday. Isn’t that mad? I’ll have to do that one day :D

    I love the layering with the two tops. Very pretty :)

  36. Fionna says:

    Hey Jenny,

    Do you remember you posted a chambray shirt a while ago that had a hood attached to it? I can’t find the post but it had short sleeves and buttons and it was amazing! if you still have the link, can you let me know? I am looking for a shirt like that. Thanks!!

  37. PetSugar says:

    lol i love the early breakfast picture of you

  38. Mihoriel says:

    I miss early breakfasts. When I would crash at my boyfriend’s apartment, we would do an early breakfast at this place that specifies in it. I would enjoy the blueberry pancakes. That french toast is making me hungry…

    I’m so jealous that you got to see Conan. That’s amazing!!!

  39. Courtney says:

    Haha, I feel so jealous…of your rain, cute outfit, yogurt…and TIME TO PLAY MARIO GALAXY 2~!! I started the game but haven’t had time to pick it up since Saturday…oh why is it so busy being just a damn student?! hahaha

  40. Lo says:

    Hello Jenny!!! actually I bought them at a store here in my country, Panama, but! I did a lil online re-search & found an ebay seller that have them :) this is the url:
    to be cheap they r pretty good :O

    • chocoNIKKI says:

      Oh I have those! They’re really popular in Korea!~
      You can also get those at Winners (For those in Canada)..
      Or at a lot of Asian-accessories stores too~ ^^

    • jenny says:

      LOL, that was a different “Jenny” that left that comment silly ;)

      I know, I sorta hate that there are other “Jenny’s” that comment on the same sites I do b/c I know it causes confusion hahahahahaaaaa! lulz lulz

  41. Bianca says:

    I love that little vest, definitely what my outfit is lacking today! Plus I think hopefully today I will venture out to a korean bakery, we will see…

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