Saturday in Photos

Sunday July 31, 2011 comments   

This was Saturday :deco8:

Lunch – Gumbo & Fries :hungry:
I usually only order a cup but I was starving so I got a bowl instead, but of course I couldn’t finish it. My eyes were bigger than my stomach. Something my grandmother has always said was a problem of mine :?:

Tea shop
I like this little shop, zen tara tea. For summer it is wonderful because I don’t like iced coffees much, so I can get fresh brewed genmaicha iced instead. :deco7:
They’ll ice any tea for you. :deco2:
But they also serve iced coffees, sweets, sushi, sandwiches~
Last time I visit I bought a bag of Rose Earl Grey tea which has been delicious.
Teas and tea ware are all through the store down the side hall.


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Sweet x ACUVUE Define Lenses

Saturday July 30, 2011 comments   

In this month’s Sweet I noticed there was an advertisement x tutorial (I guess advertorial? I dunno what to call these,) where they mashed up promos for Acuvue’s “Define” 1-Day contacts with natural makeup tutorials because these are Acuvue’s subtle version of circle lenses.

I REALLY want these lenses. The Natural Shine ones are so prettttttttty Because they’re Acuvue I feel there’s a glimmer of hope they’ll eventually be made available to the US market. They even go as high as -9.00 so I’d be able to get my prescription strength So far I can’t find them though. Only on international circle lens sites or sorta sketchy looking medical sites. It would be amazing to have them sold legitimately in the US because then I could use my insurance to basically buy super duper comfortable circle lenses!! So far though all I can find is an old announcement on the official Johnson & Johnson site stating they were made for China(?) But obviously they’ve expanded on that and seem to be sold throughout Asia now.

I already use Acuvue lenses as my daily wear lenses

Anywho, here’s the official Japanese promo site. And now for the Sweet scans