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Saturday October 29, 2011   

A collection of 10 quick little reviews on a bunch of bath salts I’ve tried over the past couple of months.

Spicy Red Chili Peppers Bath

Have a kick-ass bath time!

This has a “super hot lemon” scent and it’s incredible strong! Very invigorating. :x Stays around after mixing the salt into the water too which is a plus. The water turns a clear reddish pink color.

On the cover the ingredients are listed as:

#1 Capsicum fruit extract
#2 Lipase
#3 Vanillyl butyl ether
#4 Far infared radiation powder

Effective but no where near as intense as the “spicy hot” packaging leads you to believe. :deco13: Borderline mild.

Funwarich Mousse Bath

From the ふんわりっち line produced by Bison. A “fluffy” or “airy” luxurious style mousse bath. This one has the scent of “Caramel Pudding.” It’s a beauty focused bath with Vitamin C and Collagen as main ingredients.

From the appearance of the bag I expected the salt to be more caramel yellow. Quite surprised! The smell when opening it is so, so sweet!!!! Like crushed hard caramel candies! When I added it to the water it started bubbling instantly! :lol: But not for long, as it mixed into the water. Turns the water milky orange in color. Super sweet smell like that of pancake syrup. You really have to mix it in thoroughly. It has a thickening effect too like some of Bison’s sweat baths.

All in all a good bath salt. It’s different and I think has a good niche with the sweets angle. For me though, the smell was too sweet so I don’t think I’d buy it again. :)

Extra Mint COOL Bison Bath Salt


This is one of Bison’s summer bath salts for keeping you cool. Smells intensely like wintergreen or spearmint gum! Opens your sinuses up! Haha. A nice cooling effect but nothing spectacular. The water color is a really pretty clear aqua blue though. That trademark crackle or “pop” element is there as well. The skin firming effect is pretty effective. However, I don’t really think I’d buy this one again. The Citrus Mint version of this salt is much better. :angry:

Goshu Zoo Bath

Polar Bear Bath Powder! Lovely orange scent with clear orange water. Feels like putting Fun Dip in your bathwater. Meant to warm you gradually and moisturize the skin! It was pretty effective and would be wonderful in the winter. Goshu salts aren’t really my favorites in terms of effectiveness but their packaging is always cute! :P

シーラン マグマSalt

This shi-ran (or searun) magma salt is a bit different from your typical bath salts. You first gently massage this salt on your fatty “trouble spots” and it warms up quickly!! Then you can soak in the tub. Actually it suggests a few different ways to use it. It’s an extremely effective sweat bath. Hands down! I would totally buy this again! :ok:

Finland Spa Relaxing Bath

These are from the Bison brand. They’ve been around for a while now though no longer on their website, which leads me to believe they’re now discontinued. These salts mostly focus on moisturizing the skin while creating a slight gradual sauna “sweat” experience. Ingredients include blueberry, cranberry, and ginger extract.

This one is scented white floral berry. It’s a amazing sweet berry scent! :deco2: Really a nice change! Milky pink bath water described as “berry pink.” Not really an effective sweat bath. Smells nice and leaves skin feeling a little softer but I wouldn’t buy it again. :deco13:

Platinum Bath 25g

A decent and cheap beauty bath. Milky white color with a fresh citrus scent. Has “skin firming” properties. I did sweat a bit too actually. It’s also a little moisturizing. Not too shabby xD

Gorgeous Bubble Bath

This is a bubble bath additive. It looks like your typical salt bath package/contents but once added you’ll get an instant foam with clear purple water color for a bubble bath!! The bubbles soon dissipate, but you’re left with a subtle sweet vanilla scent that is reminiscent of candy. It’s a cheap bath packet too! I just bought it because it said “bubble bath” which I’m always a sucker for :). It was cheap and is a pretty nice sorta foamy sweet soak :deco3:

Skin Care Moisture Bath

Another platinum based moisturizing bath salt with a nice floral scent and milky white color. It’s a decent skincare bath salt for a cheap price. It’s supposed to be a little deep cleansing for a detox effect too! It’s OK for a cheap relaxing bath. :ok:

Happy Bear Bath Ball

A fun fizzing bath ball with a subtle rose scent. :deco1: You get a “surprise” bear figure once the bath ball completely dissolves. I got the blue bear :) These are always just cute & fun and you can collect the little prizes. I keep the little prizes by my computer monitor :deco3:

I get asked “where can you buy bath salts online?”
So here’s a short list! :deco8:

If you know of more feel free to comment them here.
The comment might get held up in moderation because it’s a link but I’ll approve them if that happens :)


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24 Responses to “More Bath Salt Reviews”

  1. Amy says:

    The packaging of the shi-ran magma bath salt………..

  2. M says:

    omg that happy bear thing
    i’d take bathes just to get the bear

  3. Michelle says:

    Oh man, that last one got me. I’m such a sucker, hahahah!

  4. Chanel says:

    Thank you for sharing !
    I really want to try the EXTRA MINT COOL BISON BATH SALT, シーラン マグマSALT and HAPPY BEAR BATH BALL !


  5. hiika says:

    I rarely ever take baths but seeing you gush about bath salts always wants to make me go take one! Too bad with the way my bathtub is shaped, it’s really not practical since way too much water would be wasted buuu. The shinran one looks awesome and I wanna try XD Would totally buy the last bear one too just for the toy – like a kinder surprise but for baths!

  6. Tiffany says:

    I’m tempted to go order some! I so want the Bear one and I wanted the citrus mint one, but I can’t seem to find that anymore D:

  7. christine says:

    have you ever tried lush’s bath bombs? you seem to like powders so much that i think those would be right up your alley! i have a mild addiction to trying all the new ones.

  8. Mommo says:

    Aaw cute and I love its color as well:) I should try those salt bath again soon after flooding problem has gone. Water gets into the clean water we use here, some may not reach its problem yet but soon it is coming in. Wait for me salt bath lol

  9. Denny says:

    i’m dying to try out bath salts but at my place we don’t have a bathtub :( the only place i can try them is at my grandparent’s place but i feel embarrassed to ask them to shower in their bath LOL idk why.

    it’s a ~dream~ of mine to get a place where i can put a bathtub hehe

  10. Saphy says:

    Have always wanted to try out bath salts ever since I read your blog about them >_

  11. Aimee says:

    Wow, they look like so much fun! I don’t use bath salts much, but I totally want to try them again now. :)

  12. Quincy says:

    Lovely blog! I’m gonna follow you now daily! :-) Keep going! ;-)

  13. KimMari says:

    Glad you reviewed the Searun one… I have it but have been holding off on using it… Hmmm, guess I might try it tomorrow as I really need an effective sweat bath to start off my pre-Summer detox~

  14. Dena says:

    I love bath salts! I ordered a bunch and now my stock is running low -_-
    I also really love bath bombs!

  15. Moa says:

    I wish I could try them all, lol ^3^”
    I love the package of the happy bear one!! :D

  16. oh I love Japanese bath salts!!!! they’re so creative :D thank you for sharing where to find them!!

  17. MZ says:

    I love your reviews on bath salts! Had it not been for your blog, I wouldn’t have ever heard of sweat bath salts. I’m absolutely love with them now! :D

  18. Courtney says:

    YAY another bath salt post!!
    Ok some of these I’m adding to my list to try!
    Did you order all these online, or are some of these left over from your Japan trip? :)

  19. Sara ♥ says:

    My friend told me about your blog and I’ve been following you for few month ago now :)
    I really love this place, you have a such good taste and inspire me so much

    Thanks for the pages! Im just looking for them, i will buy some japanese make up brands next year ♥

    • jenny says:

      It’s lovely to meet you and I’m happy you like my blog!!! It’s sweet of you to say :). Sometimes I’m surprised anyone reads it at all but hearing this keeps me motivated to keep sharing xD

      Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

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