Oh! Actually it’s Monday

Monday September 03, 2012   

No work today; off for Labor Day.
All weekend I’ve been getting out in between rain showers. Eating out and visiting a few places.

In the photos above there’s a bath salt I used this week. Rose scented and looked exactly like Pop Rocks. Also picked up these Trader Joe’s turkey corn dogs. Quick lunch idea for the days I work from home and at 150 calories not too shabby of a “fun food.”

Also wearing a red gingham silk boyshirt from Madewell I got a few weeks ago. I wanted this blouse so badly I couldn’t wait for it to arrive in stores so I ordered it online instead. Honestly it’s a bit different from everything else in my closet, however matches with so much that I already own. :ok:

I might go to Madewell during Fashion’s Night Out this Thursday.

Q: What is Fashion’s Night Out?

A: Fashion’s Night Out is an unprecedented global initiative created in 2009 to celebrate fashion, restore consumer confidence, boost the industry’s economy during the recession, and put the fun back in shopping! In the United States, the program is a collaboration between American Vogue, the Council of Fashion Designers of America, NYC & Company, and the City of New York.

There’s that sheep sweater I’ve been wanting to checkout from my wishlist and purchase’s over $100 come with a free gift.

Like I said I spent the weekend dining out…

Red Velvet Mason Jar – mason jar filled with layers of red velvet cake, cheesecake, and chocolate rice crisp bars

I tried some of this but I don’t really enjoy beers/ale/etc

Panko breaded vegetables with butternut squash dipping sauce. Zucchini, green tomatoes, and green beans.

Drove out a bit to visit “Crystal Grottoes” which is a cavern.
Absolutely beautiful cavern. So many varying formations and crystallized rocks.
Unfortunately no photos allowed inside :mad:

So this is all I have. I look 2ft tall because this random guy is standing on stairs *promise*

Proof I do hit pan lolol lolol lolol lolol

I’ll have to say good-bye to my favorite powder by the end of the week. Beyond pan. The light shade went faster because I was too pale to mix the shades. I use the cat’s darker shade as a shading color instead. But I noticed today the far right is hitting pan too now and it’s beginning to crack.

And speaking of favorite makeup I ordered another Bison lip balm. I absolutely love my previous one. I thought I lost it once and went into a panic.

This one is honey ginger. I haven’t tried it yet :)

Ahhhhhhhh while posting this I saw Bison has a new addition to their sweat bath line! Haha omg it’s “cola” themed lolol lolol lolol
Cola Spark and Ginger Ale
The new ingredients look extra intense and extremely focused on skin tightening. Mmmm want to try it~

Crap, actually they are releasing brown eyeliner and other stuff too I want to try! The eyeliners are powder & liquid dual pens and come in bitter or milk chocolate shades. :hungry: :deco3:

OK last thing, I’m still really obsessed with this recent cover of Kansai Girl’s Style

A white Olympus Pen


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25 Responses to “Oh! Actually it’s Monday”

  1. Margaret says:

    I’m obsessed with anything ginger, so as soon as I saw that lip balm in your post I had to take a break from reading and go purchase it. haha. (Seriously don’t need anymore lip products though…)

    Wish I had a Trader Joe’s around here! Those turkey corn dogs look fab. 150kcal? No way!

    • jenny says:

      Same here with ginger!!! I wanted one so badly when they came out & recently saw imomoko carried it! I’ll probably crack it open tomorrow. Do you like those Ginger Chews from “The Ginger People?” I love those.

      Yeah the corn dogs are so much healthier by just using turkey instead. I love it and they taste pretty good for a quick corn dog :)

  2. Maye says:

    I likes a lot this entry, because we got a glimpse of what’s around you and what you’re up lately.
    Thanks for sharing those moments!

  3. Michelle says:

    Oh my goodness, I am absolutely in love with the gingham shirt. I have one from Madewell that reminds me of Alice in Wonderland minus the blue (It’s also in red!! Red buddies!)

    I think I might also stop by Madewell for FNO on Thursday. I haven’t stepped foot into a store because of my shopping ban (T__T too many clothes) but the free gift is enticing me.

    There’s a GINGER lip balm?! What?! I love ginger (especially the ones that come with sushi. I can eat it for days plain).

    • jenny says:

      Oh is it the pullover gingham?! Either way, YEAAAAAH \:D/

      Did you get anything for FNO? I’ll admit I went a little over my limit that I said I would, huhuhuhu. I’ve been OK at keeping my purchases low lately but change of seasons gets me into the mooooood. It felt like a fancier black friday sans good sales hahahah

      Oh this lip balm tastes legit like pure ginger! I tried it the other day :D

  4. ashlyne says:

    you seem extra chirpy in this post…guess i will be too if i had a monday off =p and congrats on hitting pan!

  5. Jesslyn says:

    Seems like you had a great long weekend! I refused to accept the fact that long weekend is over already. Tuesday blue -.-

  6. christine says:

    those bison products look interesting~ i love the amount of brown eye makeup that brands are releasing lately.

    speaking of which: i don’t know if you use ebay, but the brown dollywink releases you posted a little while ago are up for purchase now. currently waiting for mine to arrive lol

  7. Mary says:

    Man! Jealous! I spent the whole weekend working ahaha ;_; Ah, the life of a full-time student xD! Let’s switch weekends :3

  8. Reiko says:

    There’s no bison products in Malaysia!!! T_T
    I wish there are because their products are so fun and lovely.

    What a lovely weekend you’re having there.
    Enjoy! :D

  9. Thanh Thao says:

    You always have the nicest fotos Jenny!! Dining out is special, so I also try to make some shots when I don’t eat at home :)

    Your Olympus Pen is awesome! I consider getting one as well :) Maybe with my next salary! XD

  10. Dennyy says:

    I’ve never had corn dogs but they look so yummy! I always wanted to try them. That sheep sweater is so nice looking, hopefully you’ll get your hands on it!

    I hate hitting pan, I just want to use all of the product and not throw it out (or it’s because I’m too lazy to repurchase…).

    Because I religiously read your blog, I can’t help but want to try a brown mascara/eyeliner/etc but I always postpone, now you’re making me want to do it even more!

    • jenny says:

      I can relate to your “pan” feelings too. It’s bittersweet. For this powder I really liked it but it was limited release only. So now that it’s gone, it’ll stay gone :(

  11. bianca says:

    i just friggin love your lazy hazy everyday blog…i kno ive been a reader for like forever and were even friends…but still dude…

    your blog…its like an escape. I hope all is well…i wonder if the madewell by me is doing an FNO…i need that sweater as well! and i never thought I’d love gingham but i’m loving that shirt on you

    plus plus i went “beering” this weekend too, i dont like ales…it taste like grandpa

    • jenny says:

      Huuuuuuuur ty ty ty. Well, my blog has its moments I suppose. I sorta felt the need to become a little more private after this spring so my more personal posts seem so few and far between. I also started posted less frequent so I could focus on other things. Hmmm I think it’s transformed some since April but that has also allowed me the freedom to do more of these random dump posts on what I’ve been up to, hahaha!

      I’ll say I’m coming from a place of personal bias, but ,I think blogs are morphing. Instagram is just so convenient to tell a quick story while commenting on blogger-blogs seems so much more unnecessarily complicated.

      It’s just something that’s come to mind lately. :)

  12. ニッキー says:

    I love the same sheep sweater from Madewell as you. I grew up between city and farm life. My father has always had sheep on his ranch so I have been around them since I was a little girl. :)

  13. ユエ says:

    After following your blog for years this is the first time I’m leaving a comment…/commentshy

    But damn, those brown eyeliner and stuff look so good but I had recently bought Tsubasa’s brown eyeliner and mascara after my Fits one had run out mostly so its no go for me :(

    I’ve never used Bison products before but seeing how much you love their lipcare range I ordered their Mikan one. Hope it works well (´Д` )

    • jenny says:

      I really appreciate you taking the time comment! It’s nice to meet you :) We talked on twitter too :D

      I really hope you like the bison lip cream. I know not everyone’s lips have the same needs (haha) but this lip care is my holy grail for moisturizing my lips since last winter. I used to be an avid Carmex user. I refused to switch to anything new I tried for years and years. The bison lip cream is the first one I’ve ever used more than Carmex.

  14. Mai says:

    I really like the photos you posted! Are you using an iPhone + App?

    Your Paul & Joe powder is so cute *_*! I’m not sure I’d be able to use all of it like you did if I ever bought something that adorable since I’m a hoarder :X!

  15. Sidney says:

    all the food you ate looks delicious -A- i finally ‘let go’ of my diet this weekend, but when i first read your blog i couldn’t comment because the pics of the food/beer made me SO HUNGRY i got…annoyed. HAHA i am crazy, sorry.

    • jenny says:

      Totally understandable. I went on a no-sugar binge the following 5 days :)

      Some weeks I “unfollow” ppl who won’t stop posting cake on Tumblr, hahaha. We’re all a little crazy.

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