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A few weeks ago I received two eyeshadow palettes care of Yesstyle. Both from Shiseido’s Integrate line. :deco2:

Rainbow Gradation Eyes

This is my first non-neutral eye palette in years! I decided to get nostalgic and go with a purple palette (VI708.) In high school I was obsessed with purple eye color because YM (magazine) said purple was the best shade for green eye color!

It’s more of a sheer, iridescent palette. The gradation effect wasn’t as strong as I had expected. I’m also still getting used to seeing such a color again! I only had one chance to play around with it though since I’ve been away most of the time since receiving it. I will say the peal color is gorgeous. Absolutely one of the best pearl colors for inner corner & lower lid lining I have now. :deco5:

Pure Big Eyes

The second palette is a neutral beige (BE332.) I really like this palette! So much so that it, along with the Dolly Wink cream gold shadow I also received from Yesstyle, came with me on my Thanksgiving trip. It was all I needed. The colors blend beautifully and the pigmentation is rich without being overpowering. The pink pearl highlight it wonderful. It’s ever so slightly pink and really makes your eyes pop when used as a bottom liner for a teardrop look. :make:


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Maison de Reefur Dream Wardrobe

Thursday November 29, 2012 comments   

Dream capsule wardrobe from current Maison de Reefur items.

high res

Perfect for the DC seasons.
This would be more than enough to cover me on the coldest of winter days or the hottest of summer’s! Office appropriate looks included. Throw in some accessories like fleece tights, scarves, and sunglasses of course. I easily counted 33 different outfits NOT including the coats. Add either the wool coat or blazer to any one of those 33 looks and you easily double your options. Especially the blazer which can dress up an office look in a snap! And the dress can easily layer under a sweater in winter or a t-shirt in summer with the cute collar popping out. :deco2:

Items for summer.
Nine looks for even the hottest of DC summer days.

Ugh, have I mentioned how much I want to buy this whole wardrobe?! Hahaha

I toy with the idea of selling off all my current clothes and importing these! I kid, I kid. Of course. I’ll use it as a muse. I love to organize and focusing on clothing or style is a fun way for me to distress. It’s so far removed from my daily responsibilities. It’s somewhat of an escape at times.

I actually have a lot of similar pieces that Maison de Reefur puts out. I think that’s why it’s so easy for me to lust after. All the cuts are so classic and timeless.

It’s one of the few Japanese shops I’m always excited about lately.

Since getting more serious about the clothes I buy, the fact I live in the United States slowly set into my psyche. Not to mention taking a good hard look at what I felt suited me best and what made me feel my best when wearing. Madewell hit a nice sweet spot. For a while Madewell and Kastane lined up pretty evenly with style. Though Kastane has gone much more casual this past year.

I love Madewell, but I do having a sizing problem with them. They run a bit too large on me half the time. I’d even say 90% of the dresses are always too big with the waistline falling much too low and skirts usually aren’t much better. Just recently I took the risk of ordering an xxs in a boyshirt online only to discover I should have been doing this the entire time! Last year Madewell’s xs oxfords fit just right but this past year they’ve been a bit baggier of cut. Though sometimes I want baggy. I’m getting off topic but basically Madewell often seems like it’s for much taller girls than my 5’1” self! The flip side is the money I save by being sized out of items I want.

I also think I could get many similar items from APC. They at least ship directly to the US. But the cost is the same or higher than Maison de Reefur. Though New York for me is much closer than Tokyo hahahah. lolol

It might not do a whole lot of good to fantasize about clothes of which you do not posses. With December rolling in I’m actually transitioning my closet to a more winter “capsule” mode right now. It’s hard. I have some sweaters that I loved last winter but not so much this winter. Problem is I bought a little too much. I went Madewell sale crazy last year haha. I don’t have ton extra but, for example, I have 7 sweaters. I prefer to hover around 3 favorites to keep things simple. My fault. I bought 2 sweaters this fall. I’ll hang on to all of them for a while though until there’s a clear sign I’m never going to wear any certain ones again. :dizzy:


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