Friday November 30, 2012   

A few weeks ago I received two eyeshadow palettes care of Yesstyle. Both from Shiseido’s Integrate line. :deco2:

Rainbow Gradation Eyes

This is my first non-neutral eye palette in years! I decided to get nostalgic and go with a purple palette (VI708.) In high school I was obsessed with purple eye color because YM (magazine) said purple was the best shade for green eye color!

It’s more of a sheer, iridescent palette. The gradation effect wasn’t as strong as I had expected. I’m also still getting used to seeing such a color again! I only had one chance to play around with it though since I’ve been away most of the time since receiving it. I will say the peal color is gorgeous. Absolutely one of the best pearl colors for inner corner & lower lid lining I have now. :deco5:

Pure Big Eyes

The second palette is a neutral beige (BE332.) I really like this palette! So much so that it, along with the Dolly Wink cream gold shadow I also received from Yesstyle, came with me on my Thanksgiving trip. It was all I needed. The colors blend beautifully and the pigmentation is rich without being overpowering. The pink pearl highlight it wonderful. It’s ever so slightly pink and really makes your eyes pop when used as a bottom liner for a teardrop look. :make:


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10 Responses to “INTEGRATE Eye Color”

  1. Honeydew says:

    The colours are so pretty and I like the “heart-shaped” design for the shadows! Such a cute design.

  2. lissy says:

    the shape of the second palette reminds me of a four-leaved clover, so cute ^^

  3. Angel says:

    So pretty! I really love neutral colors they go well with anything :)

  4. Thea says:

    Oh my! I haven’t commented in ages. I really love the quality of the shadows of Integrate Pure Big Eyes. It’s so smooth and quite pigmented. The glitter/sparkle is also very fine and even the pearl/highlighter color doesn’t have much fall out.

  5. Jenny says:

    The neutral palette looks such nice quality – love the packaging too! Pretty pretty pretty :)

  6. Denny says:

    The colors of these palettes look super pretty! I’m not very bold with eye-shadows, I don’t want to look super overdone so I avoid colors. But when they are sheer it kind of eases the look imo, so nice finds! :)

  7. Laura says:

    I want them both! :o
    They have all the colors I use daily in the same palette, it’s too good to be true ;)

  8. Sia says:

    I really adore Japanese makeup’s packaging. Way better than America’s.

  9. Leanne says:

    the palette design is very pretty!

    can’t wait to see what the colours look like when applied.

  10. Sachiko says:

    Those colors are gorgeous!

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