Tuesday November 06, 2012   

Did you get out and vote?!
I really hope so (US only, obviously.)

I voted early little over a week ago.
Even then the line was 2 hours long. Always worth it.

This weekend I escaped the unseasonably cold weather with some warm dishes in a cozy restaurant.

Butternut squash soup and buttered cauliflower on rice

I also picked up a few of Philosophy’s Holiday Shower gels. I actually finished up all my body washes just in time to enjoy some holiday ones!

The Hot Buttered Rum smells just like syrupy pancakes!
The Cherry Christmas has a beautiful iridescent shimmer to it :)


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19 Responses to “Vote!”

  1. Kate says:

    Yep! Voted for Obama for the 2nd time. (:

  2. M says:

    cute pin!

    and the restaurant looks so nice

  3. christine says:

    i voted! have been volunteering for months :) obama obama obama

  4. Maye says:

    The best of luck on this Election’s day! :DV

  5. Samantha says:

    Oh my! That ceiling is adorbs. Do you mind sharing the name of that restaurant? I just moved to DMV in mid-August and need date ideas. :)

  6. Michelle says:

    Yup! I voted by mail just to save time (work and school leaves no room to wait to vote in person). Team Obama! ^^

  7. JIM says:


  8. mommo says:

    The Butternut squash soup and buttered cauliflower on rice look really nice, I’ve never try them before. anyway, I saw your tweet while you were talking about voting. I support Obama as well, I wonder what would it be if he isn’t president. Also it’s sad to vote through elector only. Sometimes, result isn’t what we want; similarly to the popular vote. What would the world be like in the future :( sorry I’m being non sense here. Anyway, take care and don’t catch cold x:)

  9. Honeydew says:

    I’m not American but the restaurant looks really nice! The obama 2012 badge also looks really shiny and pretty!

  10. Jing says:


  11. Leanne says:

    I just returned from my holiday in the States. Elections are so much more exciting over there. I wonder if it’s because it’s not compulsory?

    Go Obama!

  12. 3lin says:

    Obama won! hehe…

  13. karme says:


  14. Kmmyp says:

    Its so hard to find Philosophy shower gel stocks in here because they run out so fast :P

  15. bunavita says:

    ah i love your photos!
    the restaurant looks so homy and comfortable. nice place to have a meal

  16. angie says:

    that pin is too cute! so glad we all voted :)

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