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Saturday December 08, 2012   

A few weeks ago I mentioned on instagram picking these up from Bath & Body Works. The True Blue Spa hand series. My chapped fingertips were getting a bit better with the Burt’s Bees creme but needed even more extra attention. I splurged and got the following 3 items.

Since then my chapped fingertips have mostly stayed at bay. The gloves are best for repairing damaged skin. Easy to use and smell fresh. The hand cream instantly moisturizes without feeling waxy.

The scrub is by far my favorite. It works great on cuticles. I just scrub it around for a minute and take a cuticle push stick while the solution is still on. It keeps my nails looking great and I haven’t used my cuticle nipper or Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover since! The scent is a citrus and reminds me of one of B&BW discontinued classics that I had during high school. :deco2:

I also got this natural pumice stone in preparation for the harsh winter. It actually took me a little looking around for a straight up rock of pumice. Got this at Whole Foods.


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5 Responses to “Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa”

  1. karmeclaus says:

    me gusta it all

  2. ShuShu ♥ says:

    looks good! i love using these scrub gloves during shower, they massage your skin smoothly and after using well.. my skin looks red like a crab.. but my skin feels good and soft and i feel relaxed :3
    ♥ ♥

    • jenny says:

      Oh these aren’t scrub gloves. They’re lotioned lined gloves instead for repairing damaged cuticles and dry skin. But I do know the gloves you’re talking about!! I think those are really useful too! I have a bar of soap that exfoliates and it’s nice.

  3. hiika says:

    ooh those look really cool! If you`re having problems with cracked/dry hands, I really recommend using Glysomed. It’s a thick glycerin based hand lotion and it works wonders ^^ My sister introduced it to me years ago when she was still an architect student – if that thing can cure torn superglued fingers battered from model building in -40C weather, I’m pretty sure it can cure all unhappy hand problems XD It’s quite thick though and can make your hands slippery so I recommend using it before bed until you get used to the feel (your hands still stay nice and moisturized throughout the day though).

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