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Tuesday December 11, 2012   


I haven’t done a personal update in some time. Mostly because I’m not very good at remembering to take photos while I’m out these days.

I wrote this yesterday but never had a chance to publish it. Not much has happened since though I’m coming down with a flu I think now…

Last week I bought this “Tux Skirt” from Madewell.

Seriously no more black skirts for me. I’m self-banned!

I liked it because it was more fitted and shorter than my Banana Republic pencil skirt or UNIQLO wool skirt (which I wear only for work.) Lately I felt I had too few fitted things and that maybe adding a nice fitted skirt would be good for balancing out oversized tops. This tux skirt personified my needs perfectly plus it’s longer in the back so I feel safe (ha!) and it’s finally a pencil skirt with belt loops! I made sure to buy it in my exact size rather than doing my occasional “sizing up” for super-comfort. I think the summer was so hot this year that I grew accustom to hating form fitting items…

This weekend was pretty great. I got a ton of stuff accomplished.

I stopped by Anthropologie to buy a few hooks for the house. Just simple decor. Plus I found some more mt washi tape while there! I went to Anthropologie on a hunch a few months ago and they didn’t have any, but now they had a bunch. So I picked up the red set because it felt Christmas’y.

Later on Saturday we grocery shopped, BBQ’d outside, did some home repairs, put up my new Anthropologie hooks, completed Christmas cards, and went out that night to see a band & have some drinks.

Sunday was a bit more laid back because the great weather went crappy. Mostly just did a run to Target where I picked up the Herbal Essence “Color Me Happy” I mentioned in the shampoo entry. It smells great. The formula doesn’t do much for my hair. Leaves it limp but it is soft and smells nice. Burt’s Bees Very Volumizing is still the best combination for adding volume & shine to my hair, but I like to try other stuff. I get bored with scents or think there’s some better, more hol’ier grail product out there :). I tend to buy shampoos on a whim.

OK I’m off to eat some Chicken Noodle soup… :dizzy:


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16 Responses to “Quick Update”

  1. Willa says:

    The tux skirt looks cute and it is great for balancing loose tops!
    I hope you feel better soon~ :)

  2. Charlene says:

    Sounding productive!!!

  3. karmeclaus says:


  4. Jenna says:

    Cuuteeee skirt! And where did you get those earrings?

    Take care and rest well!

  5. Honeydew says:

    Your earring are sooo pretty! *___* I hope you get well soon. Lots of people have been getting sick because of the weather.

  6. Miia says:

    hey Jenny, like the skirt. I could use a black pencil skirt too…and yet again I love your drawing/sketching!

    I always wanted to ask you some things – but I always forget when I comment. Would you ever do a Q&A post?
    One thing I always wanted to know is, how you actually got in touch with the Japanese culture?
    take care! hope you’re not ill (chicken-noodle soup)…

    • jenny says:

      A Q&A post? .. hmmm probably not. I used to have a formspring years ago for questions but mostly people just ask them here on my blog. I did get asked about how I got into Japanese culture many times on my formspring :) Basically it was my Aunt when I was very young. She lived there and would send anime and candy and express how much she loved the culture. I was already easily interested in world cultures and throughout the years the social conscience of Japan has always sort of matched my own personal preferences.

  7. Miia says:

    One thing I forgot – I always wanted to know: What are your favourite blogs, you read on a regular basis?
    x Miia

  8. Leanne says:

    get better soon!

    i don’t really do much with shampoos. i generally use whatever is in the shower at the time, which usually doesn’t do too well for my hair… since i should use more volumising kind

  9. Jenny says:

    Oh I like the skirt! I always go for herbal essences… I like volume for my hair too so at the moment I am using a spray from TRESemme, it’s okay but I am still looking for an amazing volumizing product!

  10. Moni says:

    Ooh, I like the tux skirt! The fabric looks really cool. I don’t think the Madewell picture does it justice though!

  11. Xin says:

    You look great ! I remember me thinking herbal essences were so expensive when I was young haha Now when I’m thinking about it… it’s weird how much money I spend on beauty-related things uhhh

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