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Friday August 23, 2013   

I think after 10 years of blogging the river of post titles has run dry. That said, I did received 3 packages this week. All on the same day actually. All after a really hard day. Almost miraculous. :)

in the living room

Tokyo Skytree on the Japan Post bag. They’ve always had a little cityscape but now it has the new addition :)
Also I really like these bags Japan Post offers. The US doesn’t have an equivalent to this unfortunately.

From a friend, there’s a “bag tax” here and I always need good, sturdy eco bags. The cloth ones don’t hold up for very long actually, maybe a year? So I want to invest in more like this. Durable, washable, etc.

From Anna at hotpotcat!! Marimekko prints are so full of energy, this is my first marimekko item actually! It’s such a great size to use as a regular purse + shopper. I also already enjoyed the biscuits (biscotti) with coffee and the Moomin teas which are really good and have names like “Sweetheart” and “Moomin Mama’s Magic Potion.”

From Anupa! [tiny pill message, how even possible!?] I haven’t had the teas yet (likely tomorrow morning!) but I wore the Too Faced palette today and it’s so nice. All the colors are gorgeous and work for both day and night. Plus I love when major base shades are larger than accent colors. :) I really want to play with the black shade. I’m actually… getting back… into black liner/mascara… just a little bit like half the week I wear black again & not brown. WHO AM I ANYMORE, I KNOW!


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31 Responses to “I Got Mail”

  1. Loma says:

    Your post just reminded me I need to drink more tea! I always forget and I don’t have those awesome teas to motivate me as well. I heard this Too Faced palette is just amazing! But I just can’t deal with black, I look like a panda :( Love the eco bag, love owls *o* <3

  2. Maye says:

    Hello! (long time no see!)

    Everyhting is so cute! Lovely eco bags!
    And mail is one of the best ways to brighten a bad day!

  3. Anupa says:


  4. Alice says:

    The Moomin tea is so cute i can’t even…!

  5. megan says:

    ahhh, I love getting mail, haha!

    Have you tried Baggu bags before? I have one that I use for small grocery shopping trips/other things, and it’s held up pretty well. I’ve had a ton of stuff in it before…and you just wipe it clean.

    I like the Too Faced palette! I actually don’t wear eye shadow, but I like more “natural” colors like that (or in Naked). I’d have a hard time using the black though!

  6. ashlyne says:

    would love to see you with black eyeliner! ;)

  7. Lolo says:

    AWWWWW Mumin <3 <3 <3 my childhood~
    and yummmmmm mandelskorpor~ they're delicious when you dip them in tea~

  8. Sami says:

    Great post day :D
    Love the Moomins tea!

  9. Amelia says:

    Those Moomin teas are so precious.

    What flavors are they??

  10. sukipooki says:

    The hand sanitizer you got is super cute and the moomin tea! Adorable! We also have a bag tax here but I don’t mind it since it promotes the idea of recycling =)

  11. Honeydew says:

    Those are such cute and wonderful gifts! I wish I had friends who would send me surprise gifts through the mail!

  12. cin says:

    Jenny are you doing a tea swap? :D

  13. mommo says:

    OMG those are very lovely! The packaging and stuffs..
    especially for Too Faced Boudoir Eyes palette!!


  14. HK Milk Tea Girl says:

    moomin tea!! where are they from?? i want to get my hands on some~~

  15. Sacha says:

    Hi Jenny !

    I love your lovely blog !

    But, do you love the actual Rinka’s style?

    It’s very … too simple, too “french” (i’m little sad).

    • jenny says:

      Hello and thank you so much!

      I absolutely love Rinka’s current style. It’s very similar to my personal tastes. Simple and chic :) I’m sorry to hear that her style change over the years no longer reflects your tastes. Maybe there is more inspiration for you out there? :)

  16. Selvinas says:

    The Japanese always have such an eye for detail, so lovely!
    I was in Sweden last week and saw so many cute Moomin things for in the house! Too bad it’s no use getting most of the decoration yet…I can just imagine the boyfriend’s face if we move in together haha!

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