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Sunday September 08, 2013   

I wanted to whip up a quick post about how much I’m liking Ma Cherie’s Gelee items. I’ve gotten to use two from this series this weekend and loved the results from both products! I received Ma Cherie’s Hair Gelee Airy Nuance Gel and Silky Straight Gelee Mist from Yesstyle last week.

ma cherie gelee

Ma Cherie Hair Gelee Airy Nuance Gel (x)

This item has been my favorite for bedhead mornings. You apply it directly to dry hair like most hair gels, however, it quickly dries into a lightweight, non-greasy wax! It is fantastic! My hair is very fine and straight and this transforms it into waves of perfect beach hair. There’s no sticky residue and the shape lasts all day. Even after putting it up into a ponytail I can take it back down and still have a textured semi-wave look.

Ma Cherie Silky Straight Gelee Mist (x)

I’m really happy with how much this gelee mist tames frizzy split ends. It’s a mist that comes out a bit wetter than most because it’s also a gel. I just work a few sprays through my semi-dry hair (you can use it on 100% dry hair as well) giving it a nice, sleek look without being greasy or weighing hair down. This is more of an item I’d use during the week days for work. While the Airy Nuance gel is great for messy weekend hair.

Both products have Ma Cherie’s peachy scent, though it doesn’t last long with these two items unlike their shampoo. I also have Ma Cherie’s hair perfume which lasts much longer but it smells more of floral than of their usual fruity peach notes. I think of all three items the Airy Nuance is my favorite. I haven’t had a style product surprise me this much in years.


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8 Responses to “Ma Cherie Hair Gelee”

  1. Jenny says:

    The packaging is really cute! I really want to try a hair perfume. I usually just use regular perfume, but I don’t think that’s a good idea haha

  2. Yannie says:

    Could you post up a before and after photo pretty please? xD

  3. Kate says:

    Definitely, I’ve used the gelee for wavy hair and I recently ran out — it was one of my favourites ever so I want more! I’m glad other products in this line are good, too.

  4. Sidney says:

    yaaay! i’m glad you reviewed this. this is in the drug stores in korea and i always debate about whether or not to buy a product or two…i might have to try out the gel, just for fun.

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