Snow and Chocolate

Monday February 17, 2014   

Snow from Thursday

Valentine’s Day

“Mermaid Mane” a sea salt spray for getting beach hair. Followed by a night out Saturday.

My shoulder’s still a bit sore from shoveling the driveway with Mike. But even with a heavy layer of snow on the ground I went ahead and did some spring cleaning today. It’s been a little bittersweet but I put my spring and summer clothes into 4 piles. Keep, sell, sister, and donate. The keep and donate piles were the smallest. While my pile for handing down to my sis was the biggest. And I have a few Madewell shirts I’ll put up for sale later this month :) I like to do this on days I’m feeling the least sentimental so I can purge the most stuff without regret!

Also watched 3 Olympic Women’s Hockey games and re-caulked a few spots around my shower and bathtub.

It was a bit of a random day off work.


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12 Responses to “Snow and Chocolate”

  1. Marimargret says:

    Oh, the snow is quite heavy for weather in this state! We didn’t dig out the driveway until Sunday, because it turned to ice and we’d hoped it would warm quicker. (It didn’t, so that was fun to stab at with shovels…)

    I’m glad you had a lovely Valetine’s day. Were those chocolates delicious? I’m always weary with dark chocolates, I tend to stick to Russian or German brands.

    I’m so excited for spring! I’ve begun packing away winter sweaters and tops, but these recent snow storms have halted that process and out a damper in my motivation to thoroughly clean my bedroom and other spaces. It’s lovely to see that one of us is motivated, though.

    Cheers. x

    • jenny says:

      I love Godiva so I’m pretty bias! Though I have to say Ritter Sport is a close second for casual chocolate! These truffles are really flavorful but very heavy. I tend to only eat 1 a night with a cup of tea.

  2. Amelia says:

    That is so much snow. I have yet to see snow this winter, which makes me kind of sad.

    That owl balloon is the cutest.

    I was wondering if you’re thinking of doing some capsule wardrobe for spring (I love those so much and yours are so inspiring).

    • jenny says:

      Actually it might be good to do one now. I’ve been wearing a few new things a lot but won’t be able to wear them as much for mid-spring because they’ll be too heavy. But I’ve been adding lighter colors into my wardrobe since the beginning of February. I’ll try to do one this weekend. :)

  3. xin says:

    Happy belated Valentines Day!

    Those pics are all very nice. But I still miss your face and more outfits post on your blog so much! I don’t want to be bold though… I wishing haha!

    What’s the brand of this mermaid mane spray? I LOVE mermaid/beach hair/surf etc. kind of things! Do you know the surf hair spray from bumble and bumble?

    Have a nice week ahead Jenny!!

    • jenny says:

      Haha, I understand! I just want more privacy these days so I don’t like posting that stuff too often. People come up to me because they recognize my face or my outfits from my blog and I’m not very good in those situations haha even though they’re really friendly and super nice. Sorry you miss those photos.

      I actually have used B&B surf hair! Unfortunately it was too heavy for my hair and made it really flat (Mike uses it though and it works really well for him.) This stuff doesn’t seem to weigh my hair down at all and smells really nice. The brand is called “Captain Blankenship.”

  4. zombi says:

    So much snow! We didn’t get that much here — it’s mainly ice for us. Lovely pictures.

  5. Elyse says:

    Quite a lot of snow for that area! My parents down in Virginia didn’t escape it either! Yikes!

    I need to start my spring clothes purge too! I promised myself that I’d get rid of something for everything new I brought to my closet and haven’t been following through at all! With all the snow we’ve been getting, I just don’t have the motivation (✖╭╮✖)

    • jenny says:

      I like that motto too but I don’t think I could ever do it myself. I’ve read it so many times and every time I’m like, “perfect idea!” But my seasonal purges are about all I can pull off. I tend to attack my stuff when between seasons and my closet gets overrun with conflicting items xO

      Hope the motivation strikes you eventually and that you feel accomplished and satisfied when done!

  6. Veronica says:

    Ahhhhh the endless fucking winter that is the east coast blergh

    Love the pink lights – where did you end up going? live music?

    I wish there was more to do around here like I’d kill for a cool jazz club or something! :D

    • jenny says:

      And yet it might be in the 60’s this weekend here!? What are you trying to trick me winter I know spring isn’t that close xD

      Yeah we went to see some of our friends play (they’re in an irish band and sound sorta like mumford & sons or something) they’re really good and it had been awhile since we caught one of their shows. There’s stuff to do here but the snow makes the commute miserable and the metro has had crap service all year. ;_;

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