Maison Kitsuné for Shu Uemura

Sunday December 13, 2015 comments   

shu uemura logo for maison kitsune collaboration

Shu Uemura teamed up with Maison Kitsuné for this year’s holiday collection. While the collection itself at times made me go, “…hmmm,” the cheek and eye palette was too eye-catching for resistance. So I purchased it. Used a promo code for the free makeup bag which is really nice, sturdy, and fits a ton.

the maison kitsune plum palette
maison kitsune shu uemura plum palette
maison kitsune makeup bad from shu uemura

I have a lot to say about this palette and the collection as a whole. Some of the promo shoot photos are a bit… obnoxious. The east meets west concept just sort of washes over me at this point. But with that said if anyone was going to do it Maison Kitsuné at least makes sense. But man some of the official promo photos make me side-eye. There were much better Youtuber collaborations and blog posts that made this palette desirable and in the end the main makeup looks were what made me consider really buying the palette.

I especially loved this look below.

maison kitsune shu uemura promo image

The Plum Eye & Cheek Palette looks very colorful but I’m here to tell you it’s extremely sheer. I don’t wear bold colors outside of neutral tones very often. I was surprised by just how wearable these shades are. They’re sheer especially when using fiber brushes. If you want more of the pigment you’ll need to use the sponge applicator provided or your finger…

The top 3 shades in wine and plum are the most pigmented and go on easily with a fiber eyeshadow brush. The rest of the eyeshadows are varying forms of glitter. The silver and gold are shimmery glitter. If you’ve gotten these colors in past holiday palettes they do not compare. These are just glitters, with sheer pigments. The pink and orange are big chunky glitters that you’ll need to use something more sturdy to really pack them on. And yes, there is fall-out. A lot of it. I have glitter on my upper cheeks still from packing on the pink yesterday even with an eyeshadow base.

The blush is one of the nicest shades of orange I’ve ever used. I had tossed all my old orange blushes because they washed me out. But this one doesn’t. It works more like an orangey bronzer. I was pleasantly surprised! The eye colors really do compliment the blush shade. It’s a fun take on what was my everyday look of neutral neutral neutral.

The formula is much different than past palettes. I had 2013’s Shu Uemura x Takashi Murakami palette which was creamier in texture and much more pigmented than this year’s. And I had the infamous 2010 Aya Takano x Shu Uemura collection which, hands down, was the best formula of shadows and blushes I’ve ever owned.

All-in-all I’m happy with my purchase! I like the color choices and the easily wearable looks I can get from the palette. It feels more future-forward than a lot of the other popular palettes out there this holiday season and it’s a fun to wear. Plus deep down I’ll always be a sucker for anything paris-tokyo mashup (gamine style for life.) The formula could have been better or the price less. I probably won’t be purchasing another of Shu Uemura’s palettes for a few years. I keep finding that they don’t work with any other brushes but their own and the formulas keep having a low-quality feel to them.

I was hoping to take some photos of the palette on but I’ve been very sick lately. I just wanted to get these up and my thoughts about it out since I took the photos in early November. It’s long overdue.


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Shu Uemura x Takashi Murakami

Saturday December 21, 2013 comments   

shu uemura x takashi murakami

I recently tried out this eyeshadow palette from Yesstyle. It’s a part of Shu Uemura’s 2013 holiday collection called 6♡ Princess. A collaboration with Takashi Murakami. This is the Enchanted Black Parallel palette.

There are 7 iridescent and pearly eye shadows with 1 blush color. The colors are rich and vibrant. I’ve been using the gold, silver, black, and pearl pink heavily since receiving the palette. The plum blush is strongly pigmented and a little goes a long way.

Shu Uemura 6♡ Princess Enchanted Black Parallel Palette

Rich, highly pigmented colors
Long lasting
Good variety of shades
Gold and silver together in 1 palette

Glitter fallout especially with pearl pink shade (using NARS primer)
Works best with included compact brushes (and not well with other brushes)

shu uemura x takashi murakami
shu uemura x takashi murakami

Final thoughts: This is a good palette for adding a mix of colors into any collection especially mine which is mostly made of of neutrals. I have 2 of Shu Uemura’s previous holiday palettes. I personally prefer the texture and variety in those previous palettes but these offer more color choices in the eye shadow. The top 3 shades are perfect for the holidays. I love gold shadow this time of year and silver with black are perfect for New Year’s. I also liked that a single palette offered both silver and gold. These two shades are usually found in separate eye shadow palettes when given the choice. Also a good palette for celebrating Mardi Gras ;)

shu uemura x takashi murakami



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