I End Up at Target Too Often

Friday March 04, 2011   

Last night we grabbed a quick bite out for dinner. :hungry: Though it took ages to get our food because they had wrapped it TO GO then realized and unwrapped it and plopped it on the plate upside down. :angry::deco13: It was just pasta thankfully but… wow. Anyway f*ck it. :P I didn’t really care. I only cared about my tiramisu!!!

Ran some errands later that night at Target. Needed a new toothbrush, shampoo, cleaning supplies and so on. :ok:

Ah but Looooook!
There’s a huge gorgeous section of nude tights!!!!!!

Sheer black, nude, and white with polka dots and lace. Some are shiny too, like glittery in a way. A pretty sheen. :) I couldn’t decide on just 1 pair so I got none. :drops: Lol. :?: Oh well~~ I have so many tights it’s unruly. :P

I went through the sunglasses too. :deco2: I need a new pair, mine broke a few months ago. :drops: But winter is so cloudy it didn’t matter. But now the sun’s :sunny: coming back out and I’ll need to get a new pair. I’m still looking around though~ :deco11: I want to shop for some at Georgetown in a couple of weeks or something~~ :deco14: Like for my birthday :up:

I threw on my poncho and striped turtleneck with army green pants and black wedges. :deco12: I was thinking of wearing a dress but I’d have to wear tights and I’m so pms bloated so no thanks. Wearing pants was already uncomfortable enough :dizzy: :deco13: lol

I received this really cute illustration of my an outfit of mine from StudioTO and thought I’d post it~~ :deco15:

Thanks!! :P


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60 Responses to “I End Up at Target Too Often”

  1. hiika says:

    seriously they did that to your food?? =.= It’s already their mistake for thinking you wanted take out and not sit-down but to just dump the food carelessly and UPSIDE down….. -keel- ugh. I hate it when that happens!
    Aaahhhh, the tights look so cuuute! *0* I’m totally with you on this one, I don’t think it’s possible to walk away with just one pair! hahahaha XD ROFL at the sunglasses picture though ahahaha~~ You look like you’re trying to be a super spy or something kekekekkeke. the illustration from studioTO is super cute! ^_^

  2. Melissy ♥ says:

    You have the cutest iPhone covers!! ^_^
    Wow, I didn’t know Target carried such a huge selection of tights! They all look so pretty! *_*
    And lol~ I’m surprised they still plated it up and served the dish to customers! D:

  3. Tasja says:

    Awww love that first picture of you ^^
    So cute!

    Also love those polkadot tights!

    Btw. that thing that they did to your food.. is really weird *-*’
    That is no good costumer service if you ask me ~.~

    • jenny says:

      Yeah, service in this area is awful. I didn’t care bc I was starving and it seemed like it would be hard to prove. I’ve argued stuff at restaurants before and its never been worth the stress. *is jaded ;(

  4. Charlene says:

    Target has some really great stuff out lately! I love looking at what they’re bringing in for spring clothes. I bought myself a really light hoodie with florals on it. SO comfy. :)

  5. Vermillion says:

    I think it would have been nice if they took time to serve it to you the right way since you had to wait already coz the mistake they made.

    Those tights are so cute, i need to buy a few pairs like that too XD And nice outfit, are you wearing a fur collar?

  6. Mika says:

    I think I would have not given a good tip. You should still be polite when serving someone! Not just plopping food down like you don’t care. What if it had splattered on you?

    I’ve been looking for tights like that for forever it feels like! The ones with the dots texture. I never thought to look in Target, so looks like I’m going there! Nude tights are nice, too!

    • jenny says:

      Oh no they didn’t do it in front of us! Thank god. Then I could have easily complained. We saw them wrap it up then suddenly it was unwrapped then our table was served and all the stuff that goes on top like the chicken in the pasta was on the bottom of the plate! It was obvious but not obvious enough that it would be easy to argue :(

  7. Shmuberry says:

    whhhhhyyyy don’t we have target in Canada ?!?! I want these tights !!! T_T

  8. Thao says:

    I was just at Target last night too! It’s my biggest shopping weakness. I come for only a few items and I leave with much much more. I do love that Target is getting cuter and cuter clothes. Love the tights! I think I might be some on the next trip there…

  9. bianca says:

    omg I was just at target like for an hour ten mins ago!! Lol I hate the hoisery section there not because it sucks but because it always understocked :( I hate that!! It nvr fails….but they did have some rly cute knee highs tjat were floral. Reminded me of free ppl :love: do have a love hate for target (esp since I refuse walmart) I love target for having what I need 5 dollar prescriptions and a newish section for natural hair products but I love hate their fashion…they sometimes charge a lot for…uh TARGET and as a hipster I don’t want to b wearing the same thing as a 12 yr old…i already spend too much time with them on tumblr lol

    • jenny says:

      God is this SOOOOOOOOOOOO TRUUUUUUUE! Seriously it always looks like there was “a run” on the Target hosiery section! And it’ll remain bare for weeeeeeeeeeeks, no joke!

  10. Tori says:

    Awh, Jenny you’re so cute~! :3 Looks like you had a fun Friday night!
    I hope they have some of those tights at my Target~ it’s SO hard to find patterned nude tights ;o;

  11. Tori says:

    & I meant a fun THURSDAY night, oy… Have Friday on the brain, haha XD

  12. Courtney says:

    But TARGET is great! Haha I hope my area has those tights, too…I want me some polka dots! xD
    god me too *bloated my weight went up 1.5lbs in a day keeping with my diet *cries

  13. ThedaBara says:

    Well, it looks like a trip to Target is in store for me very soon-
    You look adorable, as always-I hope you have a great weekend!

  14. Monica says:

    I love Target, and have recently found the best pair of bootcut jeans from the Mossimo line for $20! I always go to the Paul Frank section too, love me some Paul Frank tees…even though I’m 23, haha!

  15. alualunalu says:

    i’m going to need to stay away from target hahaha
    i’ve been meaning to ask. how do you keep warm when you wear dresses in the winter. i mean, i realize you wear tights, but does that do enough to keep you warm?

    • jenny says:

      It does actually! I’m warmer when I wear a dress + 2 pairs of tights + thigh high knit socks than I am in jeans + trouser socks. I have some super thick nude tights that keep in the warmth and block the wind :) There are definitely “winter tights” and “spring tights” so not just any will do. And of course bundle up on top!!

      • aireen says:

        thanks so much for answering. i know it seems a little silly to ask. but i’m here in sunny california & “cold” to me is something probably laughable for you haha

  16. mawa says:

    looks like someone is lacking in the customer service department. :[ /cough. haha! well all i can say this, the tiramisu looks delish! at least it was enough to make your dinner still worth it.

    & they have those tights at target?! WHAT THE. i was just there ;____; aww i should’ve looked in the hosiery section. nude is totally bangin’ in the fashion industry lately, i don’t know why, but hey, the tones are neutral, and i love neutral mmmph

  17. Linda says:

    whaaaaaaaaaat thats messed! did you get a discount? LOL
    they shouldve given you that tiramisu fo’ free!


  18. zoraida says:

    haha wow .. what a bad eating experience. hopefully it won’t happen again!

  19. Lorik says:

    Sometimes Target surprises me with some amazing stuff~ I don’t go there very often, but whenever I go, I always find something that I like~

    ^__________________^ TIRAMISUUUUU~

  20. susy says:

    whaa the section of nude tights look cute!!
    and so many patterns too!
    we hardly have anything like that here =/
    its basically pretty plain
    unless we go to a shop that specifically sells tights
    which reminds me i need to get ones for winter!!!
    hahaha its getting cold here where i live :P
    must be funny to you to hear that since its summer when its winter for me

  21. Ada says:

    i love target sooo much
    we don’t have it here in canada but i’d still make occasional trips to the states just to do some shopping at target XD
    the tights look so tempting. now that forever21 stopped selling fun tights… maybe its time to make another trip to target ;p

    • jenny says:

      Yea I haven’t seen many “buy’able” F21 tights since early winter, like November :X But I haven’t been in much since them either :X

  22. Veronica says:

    Cute! Ah, those tights look amazing XO
    White tights make me nostalgic for little kid dance lessons for some reason? lol

  23. Genevieve says:

    Yesss an excuse to go to Target other than to pick up my bcp! ;D

    Lol I like how we seem to get ours around the same time; bloated FTW! x_x

    Supa cute poncho ^_^

    • jenny says:

      I’m on the pill too so we’ll always be at the same time until I skip for a vacation or something again, bwahahaha which I do for every big travel trip, hahaha xD

  24. chocoNIKKI says:

    Oooh, I have a similar white pair – the one with polka dots~ I have the same trouble with tights, I have a lot, but thats because I have a bad habit of ripping them within 3 wears… -o-;;; *sad*

  25. Jing says:

    I absolutely LOVE Target! :D We have 3 Target around where I live and one of them is about a 10 minute walk away. So it’s like if one Target ran out of something, I would just go to the other two XD

  26. Marina says:

    I haven’t seen those at Target…it could be because I haven’t gone in almost 2 weeks! I’m trying to stay away since everytime I go there I end but with a basket full of things I don’t need.
    Plus I’m there every week, I’m sure their employees know my face by now.

  27. Maikue says:


    Went to target to get coffee and an SD Memory card adapter, but came out with a floral dress, long sleeve orange tee, and a pair of sandals that were on sale..

  28. sukipooki says:

    I love Target! I wish we had one here in Vancouver! All those tights! Im really feeling those white polka dotted ones! I always rip and snag my tights though =P so unladylike! And it’s a pain going to the restroom LOL gotta pull gotta tug to get them comfy again!

  29. Ys says:

    Upside down food? Oh dear :/ At least your desert looks yummy.

    I’ve been wearing my sunglasses this last week. It makes me feel like summer is close at hand. It’s always great to see Spring sunshine, isn’t it? I love bug-eye glasses too :)

  30. ShuShu says:

    arwww, the photo with your tiramisu looks so cute *~* and i love the tights, too, where did you find them?

    ShuShu ♥

  31. Ash says:

    I’m so jealous of your shopping at Target. LOL. Right now we only have a Wal-Mart within a reasonable distance and it degrades the shopping experience so much. LOL.

    Those tights are so cute! I always put runs in my tights/stockings…so an excuse to replace them often? I don’t know. haha.

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