Cath Kidston Bags

Wednesday February 29, 2012 comments   

Sometimes I just become stricken with the “floral-bug.” I saw these Cath Kidston bags on ASOS just now. There’s waaaay more here on the official Cath Kidston website. Not all of them are floral but at least patterned. They’re fun and playful and spring perfect. Great for looking at on a cold rainy day like today. I wouldn’t mind a few of the shopper totes to be honest.
Also I like the models’ coordinates :P

I “plan” to purchase a Cath Kidston iPhone case someday…
The price. The fact I don’t /need/ it. I want to purchase it in-person. All have kept me from doing so. Not to mention all the rose creams & balms. :?: Eventually…






From The Weekend

Monday February 27, 2012 comments   

I’m blogging because Karen asked me to :ok:
Plus she wanted to see the Madewell green dress :P
I don’t have much to share from the weekend. :deco13:

I went out into the city Friday night. Had tickets to see Jim Gaffigan. Got home around 2am so I looked extremely tired all weekend. :P

Saturday I went to BVLGARI and purchased au Thé Vert Extrême. Their au Thé Vert is what I personally refer to as my “signature scent.” Surprised it’s not rose maybe? :P This has rose notes though, I’m a creature of habit. I finished the bottle I purchased last spring. I have a small bottle from Christmas so I wanted to finally try out the “extreme” version. It’s wonderful!

More intense, yet as subtle and delicate as the original, Extrême is the more concentrated version of Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert.

I also bought a bottle of the lotion in the regular au Thé Vert. The extreme version is going to be excellent in summer with its more intense green tea notes. :deco3:
But you know, I’m already wearing it ^_^

I also hit up Sephora to restock some things. I need a new night cream.
Mine got discontinued. I’ve tried 3 already but nothing is /perfect/

Went through all my favorite skincare items that didn’t cause breakouts and the one common thread was they’re oil-free. So sticking to oil-free.

I got a sample of Boscia’s Oil-Free Nightly Hydration and have been using it for a few days.

I also grabbed this while checking out. Those damn impulse buys! But it looks gooooooooood! Oil-free!

Koh Gen Do – Cleansing Spa Water

Haven’t tried it yet since I’m trying out that night cream. One new product at a time so I can keep track of results you know.

Anyway… that’s it. :deco13:


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