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Thursday August 30, 2012   

Anytime. Anywhere. Lovely Girls.

I really like the brand FITS. They were one of the first brands to put out brown mascaras and liquid eyeliners under their Love Switch series. This is their line Sexy Girl. While in Japan I picked up the Rose Bouquet version of their hair cologne. I really enjoyed the scent so recently I ordered the body cream of the same fragrance from Yesstyle.

The rose fragrance is pretty strong. It’s a little fruity but also has a fresh (like clean laundry) appeal to it as well. And the rose element is strong but definitely not a solo show. Personally, I like it. It’s a mixture of rose, raspberry, ylang ylang, cassis, orange, peach, and sandalwood. It’s a good alternative for me on days I want something beyond a pure rose smell.

The hair cologne is decent and provides UV protection. Scent-wise I enjoy it a lot, but it doesn’t go on as cleanly/dry as other hair spray colognes I’ve tried. It spits a little liquid out at times. No big deal though because that dries instantly. The scent lasts a few hours but not all day. It’s OK but compared to my favorite one made by SALA I probably wouldn’t rebuy it just because the scent doesn’t last.

I was much happier with the lotion. :deco3: Made with shea & cocoa butter, the cream is thick but absorbs faster than a typical body butter. It doesn’t leave a greasy film and softens the skin all day long. The scent stays around as well. At least longer than the hair cologne. It’s now one of my favorite lotions to use in the mornings (I’m picky about which lotions I’ll use in the mornings.) :deco1:


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8 Responses to “Sexy Girl Fragrance Body Cream”

  1. Honeydew says:

    That’s cute. The purple stripe packaging reminds me of of Victoria Secrets “Love Spell” lotion.

  2. Sidney says:

    Those sound delicious~ I’ve just recently been uh…made “aware” that using hair cologne is a thing now!! I really want to try it out~ Seems a good substitute for not wearing perfume and such!

    • jenny says:

      I didn’t know about hair cologne AT ALL until my recent trip there. It wasn’t popular the last 2 times I went either. Back in the 90’s *cough cough* the US used to sell hair perfume but it was terrible (I bought some anyway.) This is much better thank god.

  3. Mikka says:

    Hehe, I didn’t even know hair cologne existed! I must try one to see how it feels / smells. Hehe. :P By the way, Japanese packaging is always cute, right? :D

  4. Elisa says:

    cute packaging! =3

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