Tuesday October 30, 2012   

Hurricane Sandy came and has sorta “went” now.
It’s still raining and freezing cold outside. I have work tomorrow though.

I don’t have much to post so I thought I’d put up these outfit snaps.
From various weekends this past month…

This last outfit is from this Sunday. I threw some clothes on to run out before the storm started to hit. I wanted to get out while I could. Buy some hot coffee, etc. Being stuck indoors since Sunday afternoon has been more than boring.

I guess I wear my metallic Madewell skirt a lot on the weekends, ha! It’s something I haven’t worn to work so I gravitate towards it on the weekends.


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37 Responses to “Weekender”

  1. JIM says:

    y u so attractive

    *has le brow envy

  2. Magie says:

    I’m glad that you made it through the storm alright! I was worried it would hit harder than it did. I have school, tomorrow, as well. Back to the normal schedules, we all go, despite it still being stormy and dangerous out… Hopefully, no further incidents will occur.

    Would you mind posting a full picture of your haircut, eventually? I just adore it. Your fashion style, though! It’s definitely something I’ll emulate more for University. I’ve been into statement pieces and Madewell, lately.

    Hang in there, Jenny!

  3. Fatiha says:

    glad you’re okay after the storm! Sandy didn’t really leave her trace in my area, save for a couple of fallen branches, really. I’m happy that our district had school off yesterday and today anyway, haha ^^

    I was wondering, what camera do you use? :3

  4. Maye says:

    I’m glad to hear you made it past the hurricane and you didn’t suffer any damages or accidents.

    And the coordinates are lovely, especially the ones with the red jacket!

    Take care!

  5. You always look so chic, very put together. I love how many different ways you are able to style your pieces. I need to start shopping with versatility in mind!

    Also, if it’s not too intrusive, I would love to know more about your diet/exercise routine because you look amazing!!

    • jenny says:


      Well I don’t “diet-diet” anymore these days. Ever since I lost weight in 2009 I just eat healthier now. I had to make a real change in the foods I chose to put in my body. But anything diet related to those days can be found tagged “diet”

      Also, I got a similar question recently so here’s another answer to this (maybe it’ll help)

      It sounds cliche’ but basically I just eat healthy and stay active.

      This past year I wanted to get more tone/gain muscle by eating higher protein foods and I added a lot of fish to my dinners. I also do toning exercises (crunches, leg lifts) for about 8 minutes a night, 5 days a week. I use an iPhone app :) I’m loving being toned up more and having more strength. I didn’t lose any weight because I was already eating healthy before getting toned.

      I eat whole grain wheat bread (the less calories the better) and diet versions of food when possible. Lots of healthy snacks like 50 calorie bags of pretzels, baby carrots, light soups (100 kcal or less a can,) apples, etc. When I go to Starbucks I get “short skinny” lattes or cappuccinos rather than high calorie frapps and seasonal drinks with whole milk and sugary syrup.

      I walk when possible. If it’s some place I can walk to rather than drive I’ll do it. I park at the end of the parking lot to add in more walking. I just like to walk and it’s something that helped me lose my initial weight in 2009. Now walking around the city is my #1 favorite activity!

      That’s it! There’s no magic-trick so basically I just had to reply with my daily life routine. Sorry about that :P

  6. lissy says:

    glad you’re safe Jenny :)
    I love the scarf you wore in your last outfit

  7. christine says:

    i spot an obama 2012 sticker ~ heheh

  8. Honeydew says:

    I’m glad you survived hurricane sandy! It was pretty crazy here in Toronto too. We had strong winds and rain all night. One lady actually got killed from a sign board that was blown off from a store. Omg, what a tragedy!

    I love the colour blocking you used for your outfits, especially the mix and combo of your red bag! And your new haircut looks so lovely with the soft curl perms.

  9. Lolo says:

    Ahhhhhh I’ve been so worried about this hurricane. I hope everything starts going back to normal soon~ I’m so happy you guys are okay~

    Super cute looks~

  10. Miia says:

    So happy you got through the storm ok. Love you outfit posts – so inspiring! More oft that! :)

    • jenny says:

      Yeah I know it’s been a long long time between outfit posts. I got a bit concerned about privacy over the summer =Y

      • Miia says:

        yeah…I understand. I guess it’s always tricky to figure out, how much you want to show of yourself online…maybe you could simply post the combinations you wear, without you in the picture. So we (in fact I :D) would not miss your outfit posts and you wouldnt have to show too much of yourself…because this is my favourite blog and the most inspiring outfits online!
        But sure, I understand and it is of course up to you. By the way, maybe you could post sometimes what you wear to work…I’m going to start work next year and I’m thinking about getting a work wardrobe together.
        xx Miia

  11. MH. says:

    Aww I really love your style! It’s awesome and suitable for daily life as well for evenings. You’re so pretty btw. :-)

  12. cin says:

    Glad to hear that the storm has past!! I loveee the metallic skirt gahh!

  13. Xin says:

    Woa you look so much more mature without bangs. I was surprised. Lovely coordinates. Cute skirt ! And the stripes… very nice !! *V*

  14. 3lin says:

    you always look so stunning…. I hear a lot of news about hurricane in your country. Glad to hear that the storm has past!

  15. Mommo says:

    I love the curly hair of yours! x

  16. Bianca says:

    simple?..check! chic?…check!

    I just love everything about your coordinates!

  17. Chloe says:

    Ah! I heard about that hurricane, glad you’re alright ^-^

    Love the outfits~ they are quite lovely.

  18. Fanny says:

    like the red coat ^^

  19. Nindya says:

    Glad to know that you’re OK, Jenny! :) Hopefully things are well and OK there. All my best wishes and prayers for all of you :D

  20. Sah says:

    I hope things get better soon! And I’m really glad you’re O.K!
    All my best wishes and take care!

  21. hiika says:

    haha I enjoy seeing multiple coords featuring consistent piece(s) in them! Makes it much easier to plan or try out a similar look with your own stuff :) Absolutely love that black and white scarf at the end! Do you mind sharing where it’s from? Also I’m glad to hear that you’re safe and sound!

    • jenny says:

      Sure! It\’s new, I was going to blog about it but I\’ve been too busy wearing it to snaps pictures :D I got it last weekend on a really good sale!!

      From Madewell –

  22. Michelle says:

    Ah! I love your polka dot blouse and that striped sweater (from first outfit). I’m glad that you’re safe despite the hurricane. Your first outfit basically sums up my entire work uniform.

  23. Cerize says:

    I see a lot of red things here :p
    The outfits are so lovely and so well matched !

  24. Miya says:

    my office on 23rd street was closed the entire week because we lost power from Sandy. I am beyonnnnnnnnnnnnd bored with sitting inside. Luckily this has inspired me a lot!!! LOVE that red/persimmon peacoat!

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