Japanese Bath Salts Mini Review

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Oh I haven’t done one of these since April!

There’s a lot. So I kept my thoughts on each short.

Kocha de Showga


A hot black tea bath. The color and scent is like steaming hot black tea. It’s actually a really great scent and very relaxing. Also includes ginger extract. It’s an herbal bath salt. I really liked it. It was fun and simple.

Bubble and Aroma Bath

Hot Water Story Luxury Bubble Bath
[お湯物語 贅沢泡とろ]

I picked up this “feminine rose” bath salt from cow-soap brand. The bath turns a milky pink with a thick layer of foam on top. The citrus-rose scent lasts a long time and the water is full of slippery, moisturizing collagen. I really, really liked this bath salt. It’s one of the better collagen baths I’ve had!

Otome no Nayami Bath

捕まえよ、王子, 女の武器

This is from 乙女の悩みシリーズ or “Girl Troubles Series”. This one has a “ripe plum” scent to it that is very nice. Smells so fruity and sweet like the ice cream the packaging depicts. The way the orange powder changes to a light milky pink bath color is beautiful as well. This particular one has something to do with a mature woman’s weapon of sexy coyness.

Opuro Umi


A refreshing mint bath salt with the most amazing shade of clear blue color change I’ve ever seen. The packaging is simplistic and beautiful and the fragrance and color are perfect. Wonderful for a summer soak! Contains collagen and hyaluronic acid for moisturizing. Also formulated to counteract the chlorine found in tap water that can leach moisture from your skin.

Amour Rose Pink Salt Bath

Using Andes salt and a heavy helping of rose oil this rose salt bath leaves skin feeling nice and smooth with a little “sweat bath” effect for detoxing. The salt is beautiful and looks just like real rose quartz stones. The scent is rich and a little vintage like patchouli and rose. Surprisingly simple but luxurious bath salt. I really liked it!

Kneipp Gute Balance

Well OMG it’s German! I about lose it when I find German-Japanese items. Two obsessions colliding. Anywho~ this is a nice and quite cheap bath salt. Very popular and easy to find. It’s very simple and reminds me a bit of US bath salts. I picked up “rose” which has a nice fresh clean fragrance with clear pink water. The rose oil is a bit too heavy for my liking and after a while my skin gets a little itchy from the oil. So I probably would try another fragrance next time.

Magma Double Pack


Himalayan salts in a gauze tea-bag like packet. These are colorless but not odorless. Very stinky sweat bath type bath additive. Because this is not the direct salt but instead a filtered herbal bag I feel it was less effective than their salts. Was kinda neat to see everything in the bag dissolve though :)

Bison Creamy Bubble Pack Princess Fruity

From Bison brand

It’s a sweat bath/beauty bath with loud popping rocks with a foamy layer of bubbles on top. Wonderful sweet scent like that of gummy candy! Very moisturizing too. I just really love the scent. This is a great one from Bison for days you want to pamper yourself.

Honey and Brown Sugar Bath

Sweet Bath Time Series

Another dessert themed bath salt. This one has a very sweet scent of honey. Though can’t help but think of honey flavored cough syrup as I sat in the tub. Really it smelled like cough syrup, haha! Too sweet maybe?

FaFa Spa & Resort, Baden Baden

It’s another Germany meets Japan salt. This is a resort themed bath salt using Snuggle’s FaFa bear. The salt creates a clear green bathwater with the scent of “green oasis” that is supposed to transport you to thoughts of a deep green forest. The scent is really nice.

Himalaya Rock Salt Bath


This bath salt will make you sweat! It’s impressive for such a small amount of rock salt in the packet. It’s very smelly because of the minerals used but very, very effective. Also the packaging is neat, huh? :) Good for when you overeat or are dieting.

Double Collagen Powder


A slightly sweet smelling collagen powder you add to the bath. It’s the scent of fresh milk but reminds me of whipped cream. It’s a bit like adding flour to the bath. Mostly aimed at moisturizing the skin. It seemed OK. Nothing special.

Bison Hot Beauty Soak


A clear pink bath water scented with pomegranate and berry! Softens the water with collagen and Q10. I like it. Smells amazing and feels moisturizing!



Basically a bath salt for cramps. It uses Japanese mugwort to relieve abdominal pains. Has a strong relaxing fragrance and clear green bath water. It’s OK.

Yuzu Hot Beauty Bath

“I warm the body by bathing and become health and a beautiful woman”

The packaging looks so damn nice! I love yuzu as a fragrance too. Anyway this is supposed to be a beauty and sweat bath. It has a nice yuzu scent accompanied by milky white water. It’s not very effective but smells really great if you like yuzu!

Cariboo Cool

By goshu

A cooling summer bath salt with intense blue rock salt. A really strong invigorating “ocean mint” scent reminds me of men’s sport type cologne!! Turns the water green blue with a cooling sensation. All of this series I think are just OK. But packaging makes up for any lack of effectiveness :)

Sakura Body Dessert Bath

This is from a dessert line but is cherry blossom scented instead of a confection. Honestly it seems a lot like AVON bubble bath. Very floral but also very sweet. It’s a bit too extreme floral sweet for me though the scent becomes more subtle after mixing into the bathwater creating a milky pink shade.

Dreaming Beauty


What a dreamy looking package that boasts “Tonight you’ll be Sleeping Beauty. Your prince charming is just on the way…”

The salt is a rich royal purple shade and smells like rose and herbs. The bathwater turns to an exact color of the package! A very milky pink purple with a relaxing rose oil scent. Honestly these smell exactly like that rose bath salts I got from Rain and Whole Foods. After a while though this salt irritated my skin a bit and made it feel itchy due to the heavy rose oil.

Pore Smoothing Bath


Uses baking soda and yogurt extract to help peel away dry skin. It has a light soft powder scent and creates a milky white bath. This powder was popular at Loft for a really long time. I really liked it. It left my skin so smooth and soft.

Germanium Bath Fizz


Similar to the salts, this is a fizzing tablet that creates an intense sweat bath. Tablet version is still stinky like mud. Only now you must peel shrink-wrapped plastic off said stinky tablet. Still suggested soak time of 20 minutes. Still effective. Reliable!

Germanium Bath


One of the original germanium bath salts. Smells a bit like mud but super effective!! Great for diet times or detoxing. Always a go-to staple sweat bath salt.

Steaming Bath Salt


A natural salt steam bath with a refreshing rosemary scent. I really liked this one for detoxing and reinvigorating my body.

Gateau Chocolat Bath

A chocolate dessert themed bath salt. It’s more of a bitter cocoa powder scent that turns the bath water a bit milky brown. Nothing spectacular. Less artificial smelling than some other versions I’ve tried but really weak in both scent and color.


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20 Responses to “Japanese Bath Salts Mini Review”

  1. Sewon says:

    Whoa, that’s a lot of bath salt! I really love seeing how colorful these are. I hardly ever take baths these days (I’m such a morning shower girl) but having such a big collection of bath salts must be tempting. :)

  2. Ivie says:

    Ahhhh, so many! I wouldn’t even know which ones to try first!! They’re all so pretty and colorful :)

    Check out my newest post:

  3. chocoNIKKI says:

    Oooh~ I’d really love to try the black tea one mixed with some milk bath powder (milk tea yay!)~! That would remind me of the beauty diary face masks~! I wonder if they make a macaron flavored bath salt..? =D hehe

  4. oct says:

    I live reading your posts on bath salts. One of my favorites is the Kocha. =)

  5. mikey kun says:

    I love these bath salt post, it’s so hard to find detailed reviews on jp bath salts online sometimesm thanks.

  6. Selvinas says:

    Really makes me wish I own a bath now…
    Think I especially like the tea salt and the pore cleaner!

    Btw, what do you use to make collages with? They always look so good!

  7. Jenny says:

    That first picture is amazing! Some of these sound really nice, I like the look of Cariboo Cool. :)

  8. Sami says:

    Love these pictures, really want a nice bath now!!

  9. Shea says:

    Where do you buy these? Do you get on them Yesstyle?

    Thanks! Btw I love your blog :)

  10. Courtney says:

    Hooray, i love these!! Thanks for the recommendations :)

  11. Hallie says:

    Odd question but when take a bath, do you have a deeper Japanese bath tub or a standard American? I’ve got a standard American tub and am nearly 6′, it’s usually uncomfortable to try and stretch out :/

  12. shwinlewin says:

    I love love reading your bath reviews, super helpful when I need to purchase.

    I get them through my best friend in Japan and I always ask her to send me the one I can’t buy online (that ships to US) and sometimes if I’m tempted by your reviews I’ll request it from her. So its super helpful, please keep reviewing them ^^.

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