Paul & Joe Pressed Powder Swirl

Thursday January 24, 2013   

Paul & Joe Beaute always have interesting collections. Last spring I really enjoyed the pressed powder from their s/s 2012 collection so when I saw they were offering a new transparent pressed powder for this spring’s collection I decided to buy it. I was already about to reorder my usual Benefit Get Even pressed powder but instead went with this because the price was nearly the same.

Today was the first day I used it.

But the glow! It’s there!
The powder adds a depth and glow to my fair skin. Also evens out my skintone a bit and just brightens up my face overall.

Ingredients and Benefits:
• Orange Flower Water – moisturizer
• White Lily Extract – moisturizer
• Jojoba Oil – emollient
• Sodium Acetylated Hyaluronate – moisturizer
• Rosa Multiflora Fruit Extract – sebum Production Control
• Silk Extract – moisturizer

I often shy away from shimmery powders because they sometimes overemphasize my pores. I don’t see that happening with this! Yay! Last year’s powder didn’t cause any breakouts so I’m hoping this powder won’t either. I won’t know until it happens… or doesn’t :)

I’ll likely be wearing this over bb cream on days I need more coverage. It’ll be a fantastic setting powder. I may start wearing it solo as the weather warms up. In the spring and summer (if this powder lasts till then) I like to go more sheer and tend to skip bb cream and heavier coverage powders with the heat. :)

Oh, and I purchased mine at BeautyHabit. First time using them and very pleased :)


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16 Responses to “Paul & Joe Pressed Powder Swirl”

  1. megan says:

    I admit that the cats are what initially drew me to Paul and Joe products, but your review has got me seriously interested in trying something! I’ve been thinking about trying a new, more “upscale” powder (usually I just get a drugstore kind), and this seems to be along the lines of what I’m looking for.

  2. Michelle says:

    I think the packaging is so adorable! I was tempted to purchase the lipstick from this collection, but I realized I should probably use all of my lipsticks first before adding it to the collection. I already have trouble finishing off my eyeshadows, haha.

    I’ve never used a pressed powder before. Would you think this one in particular would suit those who have a beige-ish skin tone? I think I first started wearing make up a good two or three years ago and stopped after a year. I just can’t keep up with all of these amazing products that are coming out. I am a makeup newbie still!

    • jenny says:

      Light beige or true/medium beige? I asked because, though the powder is translucent, on my very ivory (peach undertone) skin it’s quite bright and I worry there may be a white cast on medium tones. I wish there were more swatches out but since it just released they’re hard to find.

      I would say that if it is too bright for an all over look it would definitely work as a great but subtle highlighter.

  3. chibisou says:

    they are so cute!!

  4. Veng says:

    So cute, love paul-joe items. Love the packaging

  5. cardiac says:

    This powder looks awesome! So cute!

  6. Thao says:

    My goodness! That packaging is just too good. Do they sell that print for anything else?

  7. Honeydew says:

    The case is really cute! =)

  8. Cookie says:

    I love Paul & Joe’s packaging! I have the cat-shaped lipstick with tiny women’s faces on the tube and I keep it by my vanity, just to look at every day.

  9. Sami says:

    They seriously know how to get people with the cute factor :D

  10. sukipooki says:

    I know this sounds bad but I just started using the kitty powder from last year LOL I won’t be buying this one but I’m happy to hear it works so well for you!

  11. Ashley Hasegawa says:

    I am seriously starting to fall in love with this brand. When I was in Tokyo this month I happened to fall upon this brand in a department store in Ikebukuro. Surprisingly there was a caucasian man working at the counter. He stopped me as I walked by and we chatted about the brand…come to find out he is the global makeup artist for the company and he designed this new line!!! He even did a mini pampering session on me and applied a lot of the new makeup from this season! The new lipsticks are really really amazing! So check them out :)))

  12. Kristine says:

    So cute, makes me want to get one for myself!

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