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Sunday March 23, 2014   

Lately I keep thinking I wrote reviews on certain products only to discover I actually never posted about them at all. So I decided to do quick reviews on a lot of different beauty and makeup items I’ve used or am using. Mostly Japanese items because I’m more often asked about those.

I listed over 50+ mini-reviews! They’re divided into the 4 categories below.

beauty product reviews including many Japanese items

Skin Care


Nail Polish

Hair Care

Juju Peach Whitening Water

A moisturizing and whitening toner. I really like using this in the summer. It smells wonderful and helps lighten acne scars and red, irritated patches. It’s not drying like a lot of toners and I can use it in the mornings since it absorbs completely into the skin. Really really love this stuff.

Juju Mary Mary Skin Conditioner Gel

This gel smells GREAT, like lemon meringue pie, and the formula is composed of very simple ingredients making it a fantastic night cream. Doesn’t break me out or leave a sticky feeling to my skin. It’s not particularly moisturizing but doesn’t leave the skin feeling too dry either.

My Beauty Diary Rose and Peony Sleep Concentrate

Favorite gel based moisturizer! It is so, so moisturizing and smells amazing. It’s really subtle and calming and the gel just left my skin so ultra-moist. And my skin was so clear and bright when I was using this! I was really sad when I ran out of it.

Meishoku Organic Rose Moisture Cream

Loved this cream! I used it as a night cream and it smelled so great and kept my skin super clear and bright! Really moisturizing too. I love this whole line.

Meishoku Organic Rose Moisture Emulsion

A more liquid’y version of the cream, this emulsion offers a lighter way to moisturize. Another one I’d use at night, and especially when my skin was feeling dry or sensitive, because this product is very mild.

Meishoku Organic Rose Moisture Lotion

A moisturizing type of skin toner, I only ever used this at night because it’s a little heavy for wearing under makeup. It adds a nice layer of moisture that I could then top off with a night cream. Might be too heavy for oily skin.

Meishoku Organic Rose Skin Conditioner

A clarifying toner, I use this in the mornings. It dries clear and does a good job at brightening skin and shrinking pores. It can be a bit drying so I only use it on my T-zone (oily areas of combination skin.)

Meishoku Organic Rose Skin Conditioning Gel

A moisturizing gel lotion I use as a night cream. It only takes a little and skin is hydrated immediately. Some of the gel can dry and peel off if applied too thickly.

SANA Nameraka Honpo Soy Milk Arbutin Toner

Though I like this series this toner didn’t really have any amazing effect for my skin. It didn’t break me out but it also didn’t really brighten my skin or fade acne scars or shrink pores either. A bit useless and non-effective.

SANA Nameraka Honpo Soy Milk Face Cream

Love to use this as a night cream. A little goes a long way so a single jar lasts a while. It really locks in moisture and helps fade dark spots. It’s also really gentle and never caused me any acne. I buy this again & again. It’s a great default night cream.

SANA Nameraka Honpo Soy Milk Q10 Essence

Very nice essence lotion! Lightweight and brightens skin by fading dark spots such as acne scars. Never broke me out. I would often use this after work after removing my office makeup. Because it’s very moisturizing and gives a clarifying glow to the skin I would sometimes wear it alone on makeup-free days.

SANA Nameraka Honpo Soy Milk Q10 Cleansing Wash

Broke me out. I have awful luck with washes. Nearly everything new I try breaks me out. I have a daily face wash from Clinique that I use but sometimes I like to try new stuff. This stuff was really gentle and thorough but gave me some zits.

SANA Nameraka Honpo Soy Milk Wrinkle Eye Cream

This is a decent moisturizing eye cream. It helps keep my lids from getting too puffy. I apply it at night because it didn’t wear well under makeup. Not great but not bad either and keeps the skin moisturized.

Hadabisei Moisturizing Facial Mask (30 Day Wrinkle Care)

A daily mask that comes in a pop-up pack. It’s a quick 5 minute mask that I’d use for a refreshing moment or immediately after removing my makeup after work. Moisturizing and brightening. Nice for a daily treatment since the mask isn’t too wet and stays in place easily.

MSH EyesCream Liquid Eyeliner in chocolatte

Great rich brown shade with a good tip and formula for creating intricate lines. However it dries quickly which makes fixing mistakes somewhat difficult. The pen ran out really quickly too!

Bison Sweetsalon W liquid eyeliner and powder combo in bitter chocolate

Wow this was the worst thing I have ever tried ever. I actually threw this away after trying to use it a handful of times. The liquid side was a runny mess when applying. The liner bleeds as it dries not to mention the tip is so thick that you can only do super thick lines with it. The powder side was useless. I could get some of the color to show but not easily. It was very blotchy, uneven coloring from the powder. Just… wow, so bad.

Dolly Wink Black Liquid Eyeliner

Nice smudge proof liquid liner. It goes on easily and doesn’t pull. The tip is a little wide so it’s better for thicker lines. Dries quickly and easy to remove. A nice straightforward liquid liner!

Dolly Wink Brown Liquid Eyeliner

Decent brown liquid liner. Very similar to the black liner version. The shade is a very dark brown almost close to being black. I liked it but it wasn’t my favorite brown liner. There are better brown liners out there.

Dolly Wink Brown Mascara (Long)

Fantastic light brown shade that adds smudge proof length and is easy to remove. It’s not as dramatic as the black version though and can take a bit long to completely dry.

Dolly Wink Black Mascara (Long)

Great lengthening mascara that’s easy to remove with just warm water. This is the only brand I’ll apply to my bottom lashes because it’s the only formula I’ve found to be completely smudge proof.

Dolly Wink Black Mascara (Volume)

Volumizing mascara that’s easy to remove with just warm water. This mascara adds volume but also tends to clump and takes some extra time to dry. Not my favorite for volume in look but super love how easy it is to remove.

Lovedrops Mascara (Long, Deep Brown)

This mascara gives lashes a really natural look. I use 2 coats and my lashes always look a little longer and really feathery, no clumping at all. The formula smells like roses too. The mascara doesn’t smudge and is easy to remove with warm water. A very lightweight mascara.

Lovedrops Liquid Eyeliner (Deep Brown)

I like this eyeliner formula a lot. It’s a vivid brown color that looks good with both brown or black mascaras. The formula is really silky and dries nicely. You can draw really fine lines or use it to draw thick winged liner. It’s waterproof but removes easily with makeup remover. Also it smells like roses!

Bonavoce Liquid Eyeliner (Royal Brown)

Loved this liner for big cat eye looks! The brown shade is very light and super sweet. Only complaint is that it can get runny while inside the cap. A definite favorite!

Naris Up Wink Up Maxigrade Liquid Eyeliner (Black)

Really great, intense black liquid liner. Goes on smooth and doesn’t smudge. Good for medium thick lines but the tip is a little too fat for ultra-thin lining. I bought this one over and over in the past. Easy to remove with makeup remover.

K-Palette Real Lasting Liquid Eyeliner (Black & Brown)

One of my favorite brands for both black and brown liquid liners. The brown is a deep, deep brown almost black. This liner never fades, smudges, or bleeds. It comes off easily with makeup remover and the pen lasts a long time. Love this brand for daily liquid liner!

La Rose de Versailles Princess Antoinette Lovely Eyes Liquid Eyeliner (Dark Brown)

One of my all time favorite brown liners. It’s a dark brown but still a soft color that’s not mistakenly black. It goes on extremely well and lasts all day. It also smells like roses!

Love Switch Pink Brown Liquid Eyeliner

One of the prettiest shades of brown liner out there! The formula is just OK but the color makes up for whatever it’s lacking. It’s such a soft and shiny pink brown shade that makes beautiful wing-liner looks!

Love Switch SWEET Pink Pearl Brown Mascara

Pretty! Very lovely color that does a great job of giving even the blackest of lashes a sweet look of pink brown. Color reflecting flecks in the mascara add a pretty sheen. The formula is clumpy and thick and takes a while to dry though. Also difficult to remove but does add volume because of the thick formula.

Love Switch Pink Brown Curl Mascara

Didn’t love it. The color was pretty enough but the formula was too thick and caused clumps plus impossible to remove! It stayed tacky and wet for so long and I didn’t notice any extra curl look.

Love Switch Pink Brown Mascara

The original version of Love Switch’s brown mascaras, this gives lashes a great light brown shade. The formula adds a little bit of volume and drama though takes a little longer to dry and is a little difficult to remove. It’s not the best formula but it’s a good brown mascara staple to have.

Majolica Majorca Lash King Black Mascara

Amazing volume and length! Makes my lashes look like falsies. This stuff says POW! Down side is it’s pretty difficult to remove but for ultra-knockout black lashes it’s KING!

Majolica Majorca Lash King Brown Mascara

Great volume adding mascara in a neutral brown shade. Not as dramatic as the black formula but adds a lot of natural looking drama. A little difficult to remove still.

Dejavu Fiberwig Extra Long Mascara

I’ve bought this mascara in black, brown, and wine red. It’s a fantastic daily-wear mascara. It’s extremely easy to apply and remove. Lasts all day, doesn’t smudge, and adds noticeable length to lashes. Easily one of the best (and original) fiber mascaras out there!

Dejavu Fiberwig Lash Knockout Mascara (Black)

I was disappointed with this mascara. I love the extra long version from Fiberwig but this mascara did next to nothing for my lashes. I couldn’t even tell a difference.

KISS Mix Heart Shade Blush (Dolly Pink)

A spontaneous purchase of an inexpensive brand, this blush is my favorite pinkest-pink shade. I wish I had bought all the shades in this series. The color is highly pigmented while the highlighter is shimmery but not overdone and blends really well. Even the included brush is good enough for application. I feel this is a really overlooked brand that deserves more attention!

Ettusais Zero Pore Coat

Broke me out. Made my pores disappear but what’s the point if it causes me zits? I was so disappointed because it’s oil-free, color-free, everything free, but I don’t have much luck with pore fillers to begin with due to my acne-prone skin.

Ettusais BB Mineral Cream

My bb cream for years now! I use the Light shade and it’s such a great color match. It’s really lightweight to wear, lasts all day, and doesn’t break me out.
Love it!

Ettusais BB Mineral White

Though I love my Ettusais BB Cream this “white” version, which has sparkling flecks that reflect light, clogged my pores a bit. I ended up switching back to the original after this whitening version broke me out.


I like both Vita M and Perfect Cover. They’re a little heavy but the coverage is amazing. I never break out from MISSHA bb creams either. My only problem with them is color match. Sometimes I’m too light for the Vita so I go with the lightest of the Perfect Cover but sometimes I need to blend two shades of perfect cover to get a good match.

Bison Baby Pink BB Cream

I tried both shades of this bb cream formula. The color match to my fair skin was OK but the formula broke me out. It’s lightweight and has good coverage but clogged my pores badly.

Dior Addict Gloss “No Angel”

Favorite gloss because it’s gorgeous, adds a healthy pink tone, and I always get compliments on it. I can put it on without a mirror too which is a huge plus.

Ettusais Lip Essence

I used to really like these but over time I stopped. The formula has a sorta strange underlying smell. I tried various versions of it and they all have it, it’s sort of oily smelling. I don’t like them anymore.

Lavshuca Flower Syrup Gloss red

Meh. Very tacky texture. The color is really nice and the gloss lasts a while after applying but I have to use a mirror to make sure I apply it cleanly or else it’s very noticeable.

Majolica Majorca Honey Pump Gloss Neo pk246

Smells and tastes amazing! Outside of that it’s just a typical gloss. It does feel a little moisturizing though and adds some pretty shimmer.

Estee Lauder Nail Lacquer

My favorite nail polish. This stuff can last an easy 5 days chip free. When I used to wear it with Ettusais gel top coat it would last 7 days chip free and 10 full days looking decent. Usually only needs a single coat for perfect color. Plus their Pure Red is pure perfection.

Ettusais Nail Polish Gel Top Coat

All time favorite top coat! It’s shiny as frick and looks gorgeous for days. It does crease a little after a few days but it’s only noticeable up close. A lot of people complain about this polish but I think you have to know how to apply it correctly. It dries to the touch so quickly!

Dior Gel Top Coat

I use this because Ettusais is hard to get in the States. Looks gorgeous, dries fast. Apply it using 1 drop per nail. It doesn’t go on like regular top coats. Adds lasting power to the underlying color polish. Can form hairline fractures after 4 or more days of wear but doesn’t start chipping until around day 6.

Majolica Majorca Glass Drop Gel Coat

Good & dries fast! Beautiful glossy gel look. Forms small cracks and scuffs easily after a few days but never thickens in bottle. I used an entire bottle of this because it was so nice.

Essential Ultra Honey Hair Mask

Best hair mask I’ve ever tried ever. It was perfect for my thin, flat hair! It added a ton of shine and volume that lasted multiple days even after shampooing. Also it smelled really great and uplifting. This hair mask is THE BEEEEST.

MA CHERIE Air Feel Treatment

Nice treatment that adds a bit of shine and a lot of softness. Effects last about 2 days. Smells really nice like the other items from this series with a sort of fruity floral scent.

Elence 2001 Twin Scalp Hair Pack EX-2 (For Fine Hair)

This hair mask focues on the scalp to promote healthy hair from the root. It smells pretty great! Fruity but not too sweet. It works nicely adding some softness and body for a day or two.

Elence 2001 Straight Water (Juicy Apple)

Smells great and works well to create sleek straight hair when used on damp hair and blow dried. But the scent fades immediately and the formula is a bit heavy. Looks greasy if applied to dry hair or not blow dried.

Elence 2001 Twin Scalp Treatment Water EX-2 (For Fine Hair)

A healthy scalp spray that guards your hair from styling damage. I guess it works? I didn’t notice any difference.

MA CHERIE Perfect Shower Smooth

Great for bedhead since it’s for use on dry hair. I really like this stuff. Adds a bit of shine, a bit of body, smells nice, and when used with a quick blow dry it makes hair look freshly washed.

MA CHERIE Perfect Shower Wave

For use on dry hair, I didn’t like this as much as the Smooth version. Adds a bit of body and leaves any waves you might have. Probably best for those with perms or naturally wavy hair.

Prostyle Morning Reset Water (Rose)

Fantastic reset spray for use on dry hair. Just spray it all over, brush and let air dry or blow dry and any waves, crimping, or messy bedhead is gone! Plus the scent, which I would describe as “clean rose,” is subtle but lasts throughout the day.

Venus Spa Hair Fragrance Spray (Marrakech Rose)

Disappointing. I used this on damp hair in hopes of adding some shine and fragrance. The scent doesn’t last at all and the spray is heavy leaving a greasy feeling behind.

Loretta Fluffy Hairspray

The packaging is cute as hell! This “hairspray” is less about hold and more about adding a light, airy texture to styled hair. I like it. It’s not too heavy but still adds some definition. It doesn’t have a fragrance which I found disappointing.

Baby Veil Floral Champagne Hair Fragrance

A light hair fragrance that smells of rose and helps neutralize odors like cigarette smoke, food smells, and anything else. This spray was really great at neutralizing odor but the rose scent didn’t last very long after applying it.

Sala Rose Hair Fragrance

MY FAVORITE JAPANESE HAIR COLOGNE! The rose scent is so luxurious and heavenly. Plus it lasts hours and hours. It goes on so light and easy and the can last for quite a while because the fragrance is so strong. It easily masks any unwanted odors like food.

Je l’aime Secret des Bois Shampoo + Treatment

Very nature-focused hair care with a strong eucalyptus and tea tree scent. It smells and feels very clean! It’s a lightweight formula that leaves hair looking ultra-shiny and fresh.

Bene Premium Bluria Shampoo + Treatment

Really nice rose scented hair care that focuses on maintaining a healthy scalp. This shampoo and conditioner gives my hair a little body and a lot of shine. Pretty great shampoo especially for colored or permed hair.

Rose of Heaven Shampoo + Conditioner

I love this line! The rose scent is luxurious and last all day. The shampoo and conditioner add a nice volume and softness to my hair.


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  1. Veronica says:

    Woohoo! Look at all the lovely packaging

    I’m a devoted Dolly Wink + MajoMajo Lash King mascara fan – and Dolly Wink’s formula is perfect for traveling because I ALWAYS forget to pack eye make up remover.

    I miss Japanese stores putting out their scene packages for all the hair care and laundry lines – GENIUS! Why don’t we do that here>!?!?!#)%)(#$%

  2. Honeydew says:

    Very nice reviews. I’m going to Japan in October this year and this post is really helpful for me to know what kind of beauty/hair/skincare products to buy!

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    How incredible this post is, omg! Thank you for sharing these reviews and making myself even more poor. <3333

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    Thanks for the extensive review list, it will definitely come in handy for some of my future purchases *_*

    The K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner is my holy grail and I love it :D!

    • jenny says:

      Yes! I really love that brand and totally recommend it to people when they ask! Plus now if I can’t remember if I liked something I can just look at this!

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    Thank you! I’m going to Japan next month and I will definitely bookmark this page to help me out.. :)

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    Oohh thanks for the extensive review list.

    The Ettusais Mineral BB Cream is my holy grail. Managed to make the tube of BB cream last for more than a year.

  7. Janice says:

    read every single of them!! loved this post :)

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    Of course I read this after I buy two new eyeliners (found a MAC giftcard from nearly 6 years ago – failing as a girl). I’m bookmarking this next time I venture back into the world of liquid eyeliner. I’m so spoiled with gel (aka not great with liquid) but your reviews make me feel almost confident enough to try it out again!

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    Thank you. I love your beauty review posts

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    Thank you so much! I’m moving to Japan next week for five months and I will use this as a reference for all my rose scented needs :)

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    Thank you for your mini reviews! I was thinking of buying the “Bison Sweetsalon W Liquid Eyeliner And Powder Combo In Bitter Chocolate” so I’m really thankful to have seen your words on it before I bought it!

    Will also definitely think of purchasing some of the brown liquid eyeliners that you’ve mentioned :3

    • jenny says:

      I was so excited about that product too but I just couldn’t make it work. Definitely look into the other brands though :) I recently bought my first black liner in a long long time and it was a bit strange at first seeing it on me again :D

  14. Thao says:

    HOLY MOLY! It’s the mother of all reviews! Love it! How long does it take you to use up your products? I have a bad habit of never finishing anything…

    • jenny says:

      It depends. Daily constant use stuff like eyebrow pencil and primer I’d say just a few months while liners and mascaras (because I usually have at least 2 kinds open) it’s more like 6 months. I haven’t finished off a blush in years though because I have like 9 of them open at a single time (whoops) Same with lip color.

      Nail, skin care, and hair care I finish but timing varies.

  15. Butakimu says:

    This post is awesome! There were a few items that I’ve been eyeing for a while but wasn’t sure if they were good. Gonna go grab some after work tonight! Thanks for reviewing these for us!

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    Many nice products :D

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    thanks for these mini reviews! just wanna ask, i have super oily skin and all mascaras smudge on me until i found dolly wink long, but there’s one problem. i use eyedrops a lot and the mascara tend to dissolve under the liquid… is there any other mascaras that you’ll recommend me? thank you very much!

  19. Ariel says:

    So which brown liquid liner would you say is your favorite? I think I am not as pale as you, so colors like Bonavoce might be a little too light for me…

    I really want to try the Ettusais BB Mineral Cream! The only thing is I feel like I need to see it in person to get a color match… I bought their gel top coat on your recommendation. I really liked it. :)

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