New Coat and Tutuanna*

Wednesday December 29, 2010 comments   

I think as the end of the year approaches my will power weakens. :F … Because I can so easily shrug it off and say “ah! I’ll be better next year!?” :crap:

What I’m saying is I went back & bought that coat :twinkle: I said I didn’t need to buy Sunday! huuuur! :blushingcute: But I couldn’t stop thinking about it and it just festered in my mind. :facepalmcry: Thankfully, because I waited, I got it for 50% off & not just the original 40%. Win~ :excitedyo:

It is a lot like my current army green fur-trim duffel coat only more of a light winter/autumn/spring version. It’s thinner, no hood, not nylon, and shorter. :good: I like the fur style of the collar more too. It detaches. I’m gonna wear it out Friday~ :good:

I was thinking about trying out Bare Escentuals Friday but I dunno. :crap: I’m really on the fence about it. :supercry: I want better coverage for my new acne scars (oh joy) but light enough to not cause me MORE acne. I think it’s just a knee-jerk response to my ongoing winter skin unhappiness. Hasn’t been this crappy in years. Anyway. Point is, anyone with combination acne prone skin like it? :smallcry: I just worry it’ll be too sheer of coverage. :F This is why I should TRY IT first right? :laughingheart: I assume they’ll demo it on you at the official stores, yes? :P

On the subject of makeup, I mentioned how much I liked the “Limited-Edition” Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer mini “Greed.” It’s like the “Sin” version of the primer but gold. Limited Edition to the mini gift set. Well it’s limited edition NO MORE!

It’s now available in full bottle size! hehe I’m going to buy the “Greed” version when I run out! It’s great! :lovelymake:

OK final Christmas-related-ness!

I got a leftover Christmas gift in on Monday! :sqxmastree: It’s from my bff :biglove: and it was full of winter warmness! :sqsnowman: I actually came home to ALL this mail! :twinklepink: Weeeeeeeee~ it’s like piled up from Christmas holidays or something. :celebrate:

The stores wrap everything so nicely there! Loft’s Christmas bags are so adorable I might scan it in and use as wallpaper! Ha!

Bath salt “毛穴撫子 重曹白肌風呂” leaves your skin deep cleansed. Apparently it’s currently ranked #2 at Loft!

Contains a bunch of bath items like bath beads and bath balls just for Christmas :D

Check romper! Layered with turtleneck & tights this could work for winter I think! :sqsnowman: I love the color, red+blue is my favorite plaid type~ :updiamond: She got this in Harajuku~ She knows I love those bargain Harajuku clothes XD

Biggest bag was from tutuanna* store! I remember seeing this store, it’s full of moko moko :iiface: roomwear mostly!!! :fleetheart:

It’s “Loose” and “Ecology” combined to sorta mean a relaxed natural lifestyle given to their innerwear items.

Nicely sized pouch though! :heartex: I actually used this immediately to compartmentalize my purse. Now everything in my purse is inside various pouches because I’m a crazy person. Actually it makes changing purses super easily this way :;_;:. I do change purses a lot… :mkpoo:

It’s a robe/room wear onepiece! :star2: It’s super soft fluffy OoO with fur/fluff trim on the sleeves and pockets. :headheart: There are two bows at the bottom corners and a fluffy pompom on the hood! :kissyheart: The design is of colorful bows with heart buttons! :ohwhoa:

That’s it!
I’ll finish this off with Monday night’s outfit~ New cardigan, new shirt, new shoes, new earrings. :skull:

:doubleheartbeat: Cardigan: Express
:doubleheartbeat: Button Shirt: H&M
:doubleheartbeat: Black Jeans & Tank: Forever 21
:doubleheartbeat: Shoes & Earrings: Aldo



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Christmas Day Outing

Monday December 27, 2010 comments   

OMG going back to work this morning felt rough!! I think it’s just the overeating, over-napping, and so on all mixing together at 6am to kill melol

But I did it, I’m back from holiday mode and settled in after the morning hours.

Yesterday I got out in the morning to do a little after Christmas shopping. Well, and to get my watch fitted. There were only 2 things I considered shopping for. Some wedge shoes and new cardigans. Well lucky day :twinkle: I found both at 50% off! ;) Got 2 for 1 earrings too. Though I told myself no more french hoops because they’ve been annoying me lately with my earmuffs and scarves.

I saw some cute Betsey Johnson jewelry, earrings mostly, but not on sale. So I passed. ;( I passed on a fur-trim military coat toooo~ it looks a lot like my heavy one only thinner. Siiiiigh But I can’t stop thinking bout it… *might go back*

Ok onto Christmas Day ~!

I went into the city later Christmas Day. It snowed lightly but nothing significant. Just a light dusting.

I was a bit disappointed because I think walking through the city in snow is quite romantic~ but the reality is much less glamorous so it’s good that it was mostly flurries.
There’s the National Christmas tree on the National Mall. It’s surrounded by the “Pathway of Peace” 50+ smaller Christmas trees representing the states, territories, and DC. Each state decorates the tree with particular ornaments representing them. It’s usually different each year. But the most common are ornaments made by a school from that state. It’s kinda fun especially to find your home state, which most people do & take their photo next to.

Louisiana~ Mardi Gras & the Saints of coooooourse :skull:

There’s also a small stage & “Santa’s Workshop” in the same area. But THE BEST PART imo is the National Yule Log!!! Haahaaaa! No one knows it exists until they visit! Then they’re like “OMG THERE’S A WARM PIT OF FIRE OVER HERE!!” And everyone crowds around to warm up :)


The National Botanical Garden is open year round including Christmas Day. So we planned to go there next. That walk seems waaaaaaay longer in the freezing cold, omfg. Seriously missin’ summer this day. I’ve gone before at Christmas time and it’s nice. hehe The main atrium is decorated with Christmas trees and poinsettia! IT’S POINSETTIA CITY THERE!

The biggest ones I’ve ever seen. Plus a poinsettia room with dozens of different species. I love gardening/plants so seeing that stuff is fun for me.Mike can either take it or leave it. But since it’s the only museum open there’s no arm twisting needed!

There’s also a famous exhibit of woodwork and trains. They feature miniatures of National Mall buildings made from 100% plant materials. Features buildings from all over the world with toy trains circling them.

OK, OK, last Christmas tree! Union Station’s!
It’s a Norwegian tree!! Apparently a 30-foot gift from the Royal Norwegian Embassy decorated with Norwegian & US flags. There was a whole Norwegian theme there with gnomes and whatnot.

I wore the Reindeer Kiss XXX Shu Uemura :lovelymake: makeup this day too~ Using just the light mint and silver with the brown gel shadow underneath. I really wanted to wear my black dress too, feel sorta dressed up for Christmas you know? But it was FREEZING out and I’d be walking outside for hours! So, I wore the black dress but with a tank + turtleneck + Calorie Off nude tights (they’re thick & keep me warm) + gray knit tights + biker shorts (yuuup!) + knee-high socks (under knee high boots,) + fur wrap + heaviest wool coat! OH! And I had these little foot warming pads on too inside my boots! Haahaaa! I was only chilly at times never freezing I wanted to wear my black suede boots but it was supposed to snow harder and I didn’t want to chance ruining them. So camel instead~ They’re better for snow.

This it for now! I’m off to get ready for bed~~~!!! I hope a lot of you are still enjoying being off from work/class/daily routine


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