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Friday January 08, 2010   

First off thank you everyone for your concerns about my morning. Snowy roads + racing to catch my train = crashing into a snow bank. Luckily I’m OK, the car’s now (dent was popped out thankfully) OK, and I should have known to WALK to the train today. I just FORGOT that it had snowed last night! :rejected:

Secondly, new layout! Is it too pink?! HAHAHAA :doubleheartbeat:
I actually had Valentine’s Day in mind when I made it. No Tsubasa this time, but only because I saw this WC ad Chinatsu did in PopSister and it seemed lovely~~ :faceaha:

So things haven’t been ALL bad luck this week! Yesterday my best friend’s xmas package finally arrived! Then today my circle lenses I ordered also finally arrived!~ My friend’s gift was postmarked December 12th or something. Ridiculous given how quickly items usually reach us. It had some inspection sticker I’ve never seen before on it too. Heightened :eep: security measures no doubt~ :crap:

First, the gifts!!

Food! and OMG the popcorn is called “Mike!” She labeled this gift as “To Mike” too, hahahaa
The two boxes on the right are instant lattes! One is matcha and the other is white chocolate strawberry! :cake:

モコモコ cap!! From SBY!! It’s so soft and warm~~
The line is HAPPY SISTER hahaaa :ureshii:
We call each other sisters :kissyfaceheart:

モコモコ tote bag! It’s got pockets inside and came with the super ふわふわモコモコ charms! There’s a shushu [シュシュ] on the charm you can remove and wear in your hair :cfaha2:

GORGEOUS pink turtleneck with gold glitter polka dots!
It has holes for your thumbs to go through too~ :bow: And it’s gathered on the sleeves and neck~

DOLLY WINK campaign cards!
OMGGGGGGGGG I’m so gonna put these up in my home office by my computer, hahahahaa :skull:
ffffffff *falls over* *_*

Wore everything out last night!! HA!

AngelColor Circle Lenses
The pair of geo angel circle lenses I ordered from MyCandyEyes arrived today! This is my first pair of circle lenses, but not my first pair of contact lenses.

I already wear contacts daily. I also have very bad eyesight and a different prescription for each eye. So I’m a bit limited when it comes to ordering circle lenses. MyCandyEyes allowed me to choose, not only prescription strength, but a prescription for each eye. SUPER HELPFUL! I decided (with Mike’s help :laughingheart: ) to get the AngelColor Edge series in brown!

I forgot all about these contact bottles!
My contacts, during high school, used to come in these impossible freakin bottles too. Thank god mine now come in mini pull tab stripes!
*end bottle rant* :stressedmind:

Sorry my eyes are a bit red!
There was construction at the train station today on my way home. Dust, dirt, sand all blowing through the air it was AWFUL!! I was struggling to get on the train with my eyes half-closed. :facecry:

My eyes are green, and yes many people will say “but your natural color is so pretty!” I agree. I like my eye color a lot! But I got circle lenses for wide dolly look, not color! Plus I do think brown eyes are beautiful. Probably a “the grass is always greener” situation going on with that!

I wanted a green pair actually, but I couldn’t find any green on any site that I liked and was in my prescription…

Onto the web cam~~ :haha:

OK, I realized today that my bangs need a trim… badly! :ng:
I hope I can get a chance to do it this weekend :;_;:

The popcorn!!!!!!!

My hat :happylove:
The lenses look really good in person~
I just used my webcam because it’s easiest & I can sit down & take pics, LOL :skipping:

It was so weird to see myself in these. It was like I was a different person, I dunno, took me a second to get used too! They are slightly less comfortable compared to my dailies, but that was to be expected. They’re a litter dryer too but I keep eyedrops on me always already. After about an hour I got used to them and they were fairly comfortable. It sorta felt like that 1st time wearing contacts experience again. :gigglewakuface: Daily contact wearers know what I mean, haahaa~ :pissy:

I also ordered 2 other pairs (different types) from 2 other web sites that let you choose different prescriptions for each eye. Sites people suggested. :ohyeslovely: I’ll review those when they arrive too of course!. The only difference between MyCandyEyes and the other 2 sites that I can tell right now is tracking. MyCandyEyes didn’t offer any while these other two do/have. However, MyCandyEyes does currently have the cheapest deal right now (this is for prescription with varying strength only mind you, I don’t know the deals on plano or -0.0 lenses!) :lovelymake:

In short, I LOVE THEM! I’m so glad I bought these! And the other 2 pair I have coming too; because I would be on buying more RIGHT NOW if I didn’t already do it! :kissyheart:


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95 Responses to “SBY Goods and Circle Lenses”

  1. Ayu says:

    Not too pink at all honestly. Although this is coming from someone who used the same pink stripe pattern on her iGoogle page, her personal journal page, her Twitter page, her cellphone, and countless other places. It’s not busy so it doesn’t overwhelm. I like it.

  2. Veronica says:

    Oooh you’re hypnotizing mee! I love the new layout by the way – super lovely

    Yay you love them! Sounds like you are sticking with your resolution.

    I adore the pastel fuzzy bag – the spread in Oct. PopSister with the hairbow key chains and knit bags IS LOVE! I want to learn to knit one! :D

    • jenny says:

      Yes! The hat, bag, and charm line was in there~~ :D So I recognized it right away.
      My resolution is going… well, so far! Though I haven’t received any of my purchases… should by the end of the month though. But so far I don’t even have that pull to shop in clothes :XX

  3. Umi says:

    Love the layout~
    You have such nice friends~ haha, everything looks super cute.

  4. Shirley says:

    I love the new layout! I love pink lol
    Your friend is so nice~

  5. レイカ says:

    the layout is lovely ♥ and you can never have too much pink!! the next issue of popsister seems so far awaaayyy

    yay gifts~you’re friend in japan is sooo nice!! i’m jealous of your turtle neck T_T
    unlucky about the train. it snowed sooo much yesterday!! times like this, i’m glad i’m in an apt. so i don’t have to shovel snow LOL
    the contacts are such a pretty colour (though being a brown-eyed girl, i’d LOVE to have green eyes), they really emphasize your eye make~


  6. I love it. Very awesome :D And glad you’re ok :) That’s why snow should only remain on the ground for a max/min of FIVE SECONDS!! I hate snow….

  7. Erin says:

    I love that you wore all your gifts at once, haha. It reminds me of my little cousin who changed into the new underwear we bought him for Christmas immediately after opening our gift. I mean this in a good way, of course :3

  8. PetSugar says:

    I’m happy you are ok!

    I LOVE THE LAYOUT! Damn maybe you could reinvent mine. I wonder sometimes if it needs some spice.

    Lol at least two other people (including meee) put those little pixietails in their hair too! boy did it not look the same…

    hehe happy you appreciated the flashback

  9. Lexxii says:

    Oh adorable gifts! And hilarious popcorn! :P

    Oh the circle lenses are nice. I have always wanted to try them. But I need a normal and an astigmatism O.o;; I’ve also never worn lenses before, just glasses. They look adorable though :D

    I was wondering how you found your buddy from Japan too? Like a website or something? Its soo cute how you guys became such good friends! :biglove:

    • jenny says:

      Years ago while we were both in Uni we both advertised on a forum for penpals. I think 6 years ago actually! Here’s the site:

      It was full of legit, nice people just looking for penpals then. Not really sure if it’s still as useful/clean but could be!

      I got quite a few email/letter penpals from there but only she and I stuck for good :DDD

  10. Zoraida says:

    Your layout is definitely not TOO pink. IT’S TOO CUTE, hahahahaha.

    Oh, your dolly look! I am captivated! Are you going to try doing the make?

    I love that shushu and toooote they’re so fuwa fuwa *-*

  11. Miah says:

    first off– LOL mike popcorn!!!!
    and GLAD YOUR ALRIGHT!!! (were you scared??)…i hate car accidents :'( *cries*
    and i love the new layout. very pink indeed but its just right!
    the turtleneck is another that im loving and that tote bag looks so soft!!!~ :D
    do they have a tsubasa campaign card?? o_O

    the other lenses that you bought, did you get them in different colours- or did you get them in brown too?


    • jenny says:

      It happened so quickly but was so low-impact that there wasn’t much to be afraid of thankfully :).

      Yes! The other 2 lenses are different types and colors. One is Max Brown. A bigger lens with only honey brown edges. The other is also a bigger lens called King Blue and is, of course, bright blue. :D

  12. Lissy says:

    I love the new layout its superb and pink is such a healing color :D

    Wish I wasn’t so scared to touch my eyes then I would lens up too!

    Your friend is so sweet to send you all those cute things! I’m curious to see what cool stuff u send her too :D oh and the ‘Mike Popcorn’ so funny!!

    Sorry about the car accident poor thing! ;_;

    • jenny says:

      I send her tons of Victoria’s Secret stuff (huge over there) as well as High School Musical stuff & care bears~ Things that scream America and are booming in Japan :PP! Free People stuff too and other brands hard to find there.

  13. sidney says:

    i love love LOVE your lenses!!! (and all the gifts you got, especially that top! sooo cute~~)
    i always wanted circle lenses, but my prescription is +7~, not negative T T would you have happened to notice if any of the sites you visited had lenses in that range?
    anyway, you look so cute with yours in :3 they fit you well~

  14. Andree says:

    i love your new layout! so pink and cute~ :), u always do the best layouts! ^^
    your lenses look great and your gifts look so soft and fluffy haha, seems like your having loads of fun :)

  15. Hazel says:

    Was shocked by the pink when the site first loaded, but afterward I was like, this is, I shouldn’t be surprised~ hahaha
    I like the little candy detailing below the header. Why does it seem so easy for you to change layouts? I take forever between layout versions!! :(

    You’re lucky to have a friend in Japan~ Her gifts are lovely- that hat looks positively warm!
    Can’t wait to see how the other 2 pairs of lenses turn out

    • jenny says:

      If it helps I’m a web developer for a living so that adds to my swiftness in changing layouts :P. Lately I’ve been sticking to the same sorta look too which makes it easier & faster to change :).

  16. Ruby says:

    The contacts are so cute! I don’t even need contacts but now I want them! :) (Btw, you are so adorable)

    Your friend in Japan really knows how to shop. :o So jealous of your gifts!

  17. Vivi says:

    Love your new layout! I was looking forward to the new layout since the last time you were considering changing it. (It was last post, I think?) :D

    That shushu…so impossibly-but-now-possible-cute!!

  18. Linda says:

    the presents are so cute! :D
    & your contacts make you look like a different person!

  19. Skye says:

    hi there! i’m relatively new here and i just wanted to say i love your blog …and you inspire me to really embrace different fashion styles i like and to really go for it. hope that came out right. hehe…

    also thanks for the circle lens update bc i have been looking for circle lens sites for prescription lens =]

    oh and ps i really like your new layout!


  20. Lily says:

    Hi! Been lurking your blog for a couple of weeks now, just wanted to say hey :) I really like your style, you’re adorable!

    Alsooooo, yeah, the snow was terrible around here, wasn’t it? Last night when it started to fall, I almost killed myself slipping down a grassy hill (thigh high boots w/no traction + snow = not good). Anyways, yeah. Love the blog and the new layout!

  21. Nicole says:

    Glad to hear you (and your car, but most importantly YOU) are okay! I’ve had my fair share of weather-related incidents with my car. It finally made me give up my cute little Sunfire and get a Subaru. D: I hate PA, haha.

    Wearing your first circle lenses really does feel like quite a transformation! I stared at myself all day the day my Barbie Blacks arrived. I can’t wait to buy my grey lenses. :D And I also know how you feel about the natural eye color vs circle lens thing. I loooooooooooove my brown eyes and I don’t think I would ever trade them for another color, because they suit me. But, it’s fun to experiment, right? :D

  22. Anonymous says:

    Those contacts make you look really doll like!

    I have trouble finding contacts because for some reason my eyes are really watery but they are also try. My optometrist tried every contacts brand he had and only ONE suited me and they were the Night & Day ones which you can wear for a month straight! Very pricey and they were the only ones which sat on my eyes the best :(

    Trying to comment Anonymously.. see if this works *fingers crossed*


  23. Shaira says:

    So pretty! how long did it take for the circle lenses to arrive?

  24. Reita says:

    The new layout is nice, I don’t think it’s too pink haha.

    Cute gifts! I like the outfit you co-ordinated, the colours look nice and soft.

    I think the lenses look nice on you :) I love circle eye lenses coz of their colour range and how they can make your eyes seem bigger hehe.

  25. emma says:

    i dont wear contacts at all so i dont know what u mean
    but it does brighten ur eyes a lot ^___^

  26. Sara Mari says:

    Oh man you got such cute items! I really want to get to SBY before I got back home, but 109 was like a war zone last weekend haha. You look so cute in the photos with the new lenses and I love the colors you chose for the new layout ^^

  27. Reiko says:


    I’m wearing Geo contact lenses too!!! Green colour! Haha. Yeah, Geo contact lenses are a bit dry, when I take them out, they’ll be completely dry, cannot imagine how suffocate my eyes were.

    Your friend really loves you soooo much!!! All her gifts are sooooo pretty and suits you. And ZOMG!!! TSUBASA!!! Wuuuaaahhhh~ You’re one lucky girl! XD

  28. xiaobibu says:

    I wore Angel brown before too! you’re look so nice in brown eye ^^ and love the cap! wanted to wear this kind of hat but here the weather is not allowing :( I’m living in Malaysia and ya know Malaysia doesn’t has winter nor autumn zzz 4 seasons are spring/summer zzz

  29. Tori says:

    omg AMAZING GIFTS~!!! /:D\
    I’m LOVING the SBY tote bag… Their stuff is so adorable. I actually ordered a pair of pumps from their section on the Fashionwalker webshop & I can’t wait to get them! I love the way you put that outfit together too ;3
    The lenses look so nice on you too! Thank you for the tips on that website… I think I might try it just because I’d need a super-high prescription for circle lenses too *bad eyesight FAIL* :(
    Layout is lovely as usual & you can NEVER have too much pink! ;p

  30. Courtney says:

    Wow, the circle lenses look surprising cute! I didn’t realize what an effect they had.

  31. Hello Jenny! Something not related to the entry xD: I wanted to know if you would offer a tiny shopping service? It concerns forever21 :). You can answer me by mail too if you’d like.

  32. Aleida says:

    I’m happy your package arrived and even though it was totally delayed it didn’t get lost! Christmas time is definitely crazy time for the postal services *sighs* The gifts are totally cute ~ Oh I wear contact lenses too :( my eyes are pretty bad. Did you consider laser surgery? Unfortunately my cornea is too thin it won’t be safe to laser my eyes and implants sound scary. I really like to try those circle lenses too so I’m looking forward to your other reviews ~

  33. Lady Impulse says:

    Aww you look so cute with your gifts on haha. I like the K-Pop or J-pop style you have going on (i’m not sure which one lol but my friends used to love that style) I just know I am more of a grungy style girl and this style would look horrible on me.
    I have green contacts and my eyes are usually hazel, but I think you are supposed to wear those contacts from the other side because the black lining shouldn’t show (i think?). The other side of the contact would make your eye look more brown I think, thats how my green contacts work.
    Love the layout, very cute!

    • jenny says:

      There in right-side out. Flipped the other way causes the curve to bevel inappropriately. ;) They’re not meant to look natural in the least bit ;)! It’s from the “Edge Series” that has a bold black band that shows purposefully to make your iris look max-huge! :D

  34. Syd Syd says:

    Your friend gave you such amazing gifts! I love the tote bag charms~ :)

    And those contacts look great on you! When I got my pair of contacts, they came in those impossible bottles, too! Lol. I was a little freaked when I got my contacts, which are grey colored. I didn’t look like myself, but I got used to it.

  35. Thao says:

    Instant lattes?!?! Do share with us how it tastes later on. I’m really curious.

    Wow, your eyes definitely look huge with those contacts on. And the brown sure complements you well.

    • jenny says:

      I’ve tried the White Chocolate Strawberry one already. Pretty good~ Though I added too much water so it was a bit watered-down… lol

      I’m the only one in my family NOT with brown eyes~ maybe I should wear these when I visit to fit in! hahahaa

  36. Dezzy says:

    seriously adorable layout :)!!
    && the goodies are cute as well :D
    would love to have such lenses myself ^_^


  37. Mandy says:

    omg the SBY scrunchy is adorable haah i have the same one but diffferent i can get the inspiration from the phone charm thing with the scrunchy if you don’t mind =).
    SBY always make me happy ^^ hehe and i love your lens too =)
    great presents!!!

  38. Becca says:

    wow your eyes are already big, the contact lenses make them GINORMOUS =0 so cute! and all the presents you got from your friend are so comfy and soft looking =^_^= so nice~

    and I love the layout! just enough pink haha

  39. Kim says:

    I kind of like seeing myself look vastly different in pictures… especially if I’m quite attractive in those pictures, haha.

    All the gifts look amazing and so thoughtful!

    Also lovin’ the new layout — not too pink. Too much pink would be bright pink.

  40. Esther says:

    The new layout is cute, the dots and the crayons are so adorable!! =D
    Happy New Year, Jenny!! \o/

  41. Honeydew says:

    Your new layouut is super cute!

    And I LOVE that pastel hat and tote bag. OMG. TOTALLY CUTENESS. Your whole outfit is SUPER cute too! Ah, I’m envious of how you have such a nice friend from Japan who sends you stuff. :P

    And that pink tutle neck top. I soooooo want one!!

  42. Alice says:

    Ahhhhh your layout is soo cute! I love it :]

    And those circle lenses look good. My friend has a pair too. I heard that they’re bad for your eyes, is that true? My friend got her circle lenses in Korea but there isn’t any prescription on it…..or maybe there is. :/ I forgot. Ehh idk, but I’m curious if they really are bad for your eyes.

    Anyway, good to hear that you’re okay! :D

    • jenny says:

      They’re actually quite safe if you follow proper instructions. You know, no sleeping in them, rinse and clean them when taking them out AND putting them in, store them properly, and so on. The only damage contacts can do is if you don’t take care of them properly. Just like other daily contacts. :)

  43. pir-pir says:

    Wow! You look really different with brown circle lenses ♥
    They make you look like a Popteen model ^^ So cute…

  44. Sarita says:

    late Christmas presents are the best, they’re at least something else to look forward to! And your friend always gives out the best gifts :O

    those circle lenses make you look just like a jmag model!

  45. Tara says:

    Uh, wow. This is really a pink . . . layout. O_O;; It’s a shame that pink just happens to be one of my least favourite colours. My hated colour actually, but hey! It’s your site! :) It is cute, though, and it fits your personality and whatnot! ^_^

  46. mishi says:

    Piiiink =3 it’s so pretty!

    It’s nice to be able to change eye color isn’t it?

    LOL @ the Mike popcorn xD
    & that tote is baaangin! Great outfit~

  47. Anonymous says:

    wow all your stuff is so cute =)
    i wish i had the money to afford popteen;; i can never find the recent scans =p

  48. Meygan says:

    I love circle lenses.They kinda remind of the shutter on a camera. I want some but first I want contat lenses. I have great vision though. i just want them in like a turquoise or teal. A deep, clear and rich blue :3

  49. ceci says:

    Breaking out of lurkerdom!

    Your layouts are always adorable – I love pink and polka dots so this is perfect ♥
    Your friend has great tastes in presents! :D

    Out of curiosity, do you have astigmatism? If so, how does that work with the lenses? I have really bad vision too, but I also have astigmatism, so buying contacts has been hard. I’ve always wanted to try circle lenses, but haven’t felt confident about getting a right prescription to order them… :(

    The brown lenses look really good on you, especially since you can still see hints of green!

    • jenny says:

      I have slight astigmatism in both eyes, however not enough so that I have to get those special astigmatism contacts. I just wear regular daily contacts without correction for astigmatism. My astigmatism is only bothersome at work where I sometimes wear reading glasses over my contacts so I can focus on the computer screen better.

  50. Brenna says:

    WHA SO CUUTE JENNY !! :D LOVE IT. Your japanese friend has great taste in clothes

  51. Miamy says:

    I love ur original eye color! but you look good with the lenses too :D

  52. Renge64 says:

    where did you get the promotion pictures of Tsubasa’s Dolly Wink?

  53. Hello Jenny, I’m a first time commenter, yay!
    I’ve been reading your blog lately (stumbled upon it via google) and I really, really like it. ^^ I’m currently an exchange student in Japan, just north of Tokyo and I’m really, really getting into the Gyaru-scene, especially the fashion, so I really like reading your blog.

    I have a question, do you trim your bangs yourself? I really like your bangs. ^^ They’re super cute, and I love the way you styled your hair in this blog.

    • jenny says:

      Well hello & thank you! Glad you like my blog!

      Yes, I actually do trim my bangs myself! I watched my stylist do it and bought a pair of shears and have been doing it myself for a few years now. There are some great tutorials online & in magazines for how to cut them properly too. :)

  54. Ys says:

    The layout is great – not too pink at all. I think it’s very cute :)

    The lenses are so wacky! I’ve never seen those type before. Very cool :)

    I adore the outfit you wore in the pic – it’s just SOOOOO cute. Very adorable :)

  55. Kettu says:

    wow the lenses look amazing on you!!! I can’t wait for mine now (I ordered half week after you I think)


  56. Megan says:

    I’m glad you’re OK! This snowy weather can seriously be so dangerous sometimes!

    I love the layout. ^_^ But I’m a huge fan of pink. Do you DL your fonts or make them yourself?

    I saw the site you used to find your penpal/best friend in a reply to someone’s comment. I used to look at that site all the time! Just thought it was funny, haha. “Small world!” It makes me want to search for a serious penpal again~~

    Looove the lenses, huge brown eyes are so perfect for you! ;) I can’t wait to see the blue ones :)

  57. Dolly says:

    sorry for such a random comment, i decided to pop up and leave a comment rather than just reading your blog and go

    You look adorable with those lenses~!
    now I have found an English site to get circle lenses which I know is reliable~!!

    The instant lattes look yumm~

  58. Caitlin says:

    They look great on you (sorry for the late comment). They do make your eyes stand out and give you that gal/dolly effect. It is definitely something fun to try and I want to get some too! Your friend’s presents are really cute too, I love the charms on the tote bag the best! You have such cute stuff, I am always jealous.

  59. kikay814 says:

    i love your circle lens buy! inspirational! xx

  60. rene says:

    I love the tote and the air tie especially!! It’s all the rage but they just don’t sell it here!! :((

  61. lily says:

    hey I recently bought lens from mycandyeyes, and i read that yours came 4 weeks later, I wanted to know if you live in the states? And if you dont mind, could you tell me if you email her after a certain week when you didnt receive your lens? After i purchase my lens from mycandyeyes, I read on some website that people never receive their lens, and I am alittle worry! =/ thanks

  62. Alyssa says:

    i see that you ordered from my candy eyes
    i just ordered 4days ago and i am scared that tehy will not ship my item
    it still says its processing my order~!
    i was wondering how shipping was for you.
    i ordered the geo angel greens and i just really want them, i searched around on google and i saw many bad reviews! (after i had purchased from mycandyeyes…)
    im thinking that from now on i might purchase from
    what do you think! please email me back i know its alot of questions but i just really need to know!

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