Thanksgiving Holidays & Victoria’s Secret Addiction

Monday November 29, 2010 comments   

Guten Abend~~ :moon: :)
It feels so strange when I go offline. :;_;: Like my world stops. :facepalmcry: Well, not that dramatic, but you know, I feel like there’s this gap in time I miss out on. That sounds pathetic, let’s carry on

So 4 turkey dinners later here I am. :smallcry: Settling back into work and still unpacking. :madmark: Hit up Florida then Mississippi. Postcards all sent! :bigheart:
Did some shopping including finally snagging a GPS with traffic updates. My current one is about, hum, 4 years old, if not 5! :smallcry: And it didn’t do traffic which is just… tragic with living in DC. :dizzy: So YAY LIFETIME TRAFFIC NOW! :rainbowtwinkle: It’s all spiffy and new and I got to play with it driving back from Mississippi :kyaaface:

SO SHOPPING! :rose2: I stopped by the Victoria’s Secret Outlet store while there! Then later on my trip I went to VS again for a sale… THEN AGAIN for another sale!

I’m officially unhinged in my addiction to their fragrance line…
I blame Japan, the magazines, and my friend for causing this “sickness”
I want to smell like flowers & fruits when I walk by~
Momo commented previously that I seem like I “would be one of those girls that smells REALLY good XD” Haaaahahaha omg BEST COMPLIMENT because I really WANT to be THAT girl!!! :rose2:
I have been told I smell good.. it’s an unexpected/weird compliment than I’m never prepared for though. :;_;:
I just.. when girls pass me on the train & the scent of sweet perfume follows close behind them I feel so envious! :supercry: I want/hope to be like that too! (not in an obnoxious way though, lulz, not over-powering, no, no) :iiface:

I actually really already love their SO SEXY hair product lines especially for volume.

Lost in Fantasy is my new favorite scent!!! First ever favorite scent was Love Spell, then Delicate Petals, and now Lost in Fantasy! It’s sweet passionfruit, wild Brazilian orchid and warm musk! :bow:

A flier advertising their Fashion Show that airs tomorrow! (Tuesday)

:kissyheart:I bought the same Limited Edition Holiday Scent (Naughty & Nice) too because this one’s a gift for a friend :good:

The lotion in the Naughty & Nice scent is so pretty! It’s a glitter lotion but instead of the typical silver it has the sort of red, incandescent glitter.

Betsey Johnson! Went to this outlet too and got some cute socks :rose3: :star:

I also picked up a few new accessories. :kissyfaceheart: most are from Forever21 except the multi-colored metal necklace + earring set! I got those on sale at a boutique in Sarasota called Persnickity Cat. I almost always go there for gifts & cards. It’s an entire cat-themed shopped plus more~ *calling all crazy cat ladies!* There’s a big ole kitty there named Harry who hangs around and you can pet him and there’s a drawing table where kids draw him and post their art on the wall. IT’S. SO. CUTE! He was even hanging out there when I went, waiting for kids to come & draw him *d’aaaaaaw*

Mike had his birthday over Thanksgiving too so we found a bunch of “presents” at the Calvin Klein outlet store. But it wasn’t only Mike’s birthday~ it was our 10 year “dating” anniversary! :ladeeda: But after you get married the dating number seems less significant. Well, I guess it’s more of a “togetherness” number. No breaking up & making up, just 10 straight years of putting up with each others bullshit :D

Also did some online shopping on Black Friday and ordered something for Mike’s Xmas gift from Sephora and got this big-ass tote bag that looks like a Sephora shopping bag!! OK, I know, it’s stupid & boring :;_;: but there’s something I got all grabby-hands about having a permanent Sephora Shopping Bag to use! And I freaking love it! I used a hairdryer to get the creases out of it (thanks to everyone who helped me on twitter with that!)

Also, also, I got in a Yesstyle Sweater right before I left on my trip! Perfect timing! :blushingcute: It’s a open-knit type sweater so it’s med-light and was great for “southern” winter weather. :ohyeslovely: It’s incredibly soft and I just… I dunno, I LOVE IT. :twinklepink: I want to live in it nonstop! :supercry:

:mooon: Sweater: Yesstyle
:mooon: Pants: H&M
:mooon: Red Camisole: Forever21
:mooon: Boots: Shimamura
:mooon: Necklace: Forever21

:laughingheart: Oh yeah, I chopped off like 6 inches worth of hair this week too! :orooro: Haahaa~ :kissyheart: more on that later~~~~

Oh, does the song “I want the World to Stop” remind anyone else of BOC’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper?” I looooove it. Can’t stop looping it in my ears :) reminds me of old stuff my Mom & I would listen to~


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Shu Uemura bowwow! magic queen!

Friday November 19, 2010 comments   

So the Shu Uemura & Aya Takano holiday collaboration palette I ordered “bowwow! magic queen” arrived! Even the box it comes in is lovely :ashock: ! I don’t think I could throw it away! :kissyheart:

The makeup palette is actually a sturdy piece! It’s thick & solid with a mirror of course. :twinklepink: And the design on the cover is really enchanting. :fleetheart: It’s looks double-layered and is reflective. It’s much prettier in person! :crownkisses:

:mooon: pressed eye shadow
:mooon: cream eye shadow-liner
:mooon: glow on blush

A warm-toned color palette for a peaceful holiday season.

feel relaxed, curled up in the magic queen’s cozy home that is redolent with the fresh pine scent of her enormous Christmas tree filled with luxurious décor of silver, gold and bronze.

this limited edition eye & cheek palette is complete with :star:three pressed eyeshadows, :star:one cream eye liner, :star:cream highlighter & :star:glow on blush as well as two applicator brushes.

The makeup itself is really nice! Good pigment on the shadows with high metallic shine. :twinklepink: The gel shadow/liner turns out to be more blue-green when worn. It actually compliments the colors better than black liner does. Gives it more of a holiday feel too. :sqxmastree::star: It seems pretty resilient too because I cried with it on Wednesday & it didn’t smudge at all (lol) ultimate test.

Tried to take some quick snaps of the makeup on before I leave but I kept getting home late so it’s the makeup after it’s been work for 8+ hours at the office! :eep: I followed the suggested look found on the Shu Uemura website just as a jumping off point.

I don’t think these snaps do the makeup justice at ALL. :smallcry: It’s really pretty in person and especially in the sunlight! It’s hard to see the gold-tones in the photos, poo poo poo~~ Even the cheek color has reflective bits in it :kyaaface: :facepalmcry: I need to take the snaps with sunlight but it’s dark by the time I get home from work, gah!

My only complaint is that I wish the gold cream highlighter weren’t so subtle. But that’s because I’m a makeup drama queen when it comes to gold :star2:, FUCKIN’ LOVE GOLD MAKEUP! But… subtle means I can wear it to work without looking so flashy. A place where once glitter liner was referred to as “junk on my eye.” Hahahaa! :snot: :madmark: :lol:

I also got very large free samples. Two of the samples are from their “RED:JUVENUS” line. The RED:JUVENUS VITALIZING RETEXTURIZING CREAM and the INTENSE VITALIZING CONCENTRATE.

Also sent a pretty nice sized lip gloss from their GLOSS UNLIMITED PINK COLLECTION. It has the really pretty shimmer to it, almost glitter but not quite. It’s sheer and has a unique scent like fruity flowers. “Gloss Unlimited is formulated with special shimmer and glitter” oh that explains it, LOL. Then some packets of their cleansing products.

So this weekend/week I’ll be busy with family. Probably won’t be updating unless, for whatever reason, I do. :kissyfaceheart: Thought I’d post some snaps from last weekend FINALLY. I just haven’t had any time to really blog this week. :eep: Not to mention I’ve either been at work or been at home doing HOUSEWORK, TRES INTERESTING LET ME TELL YOU. :facepalmcry: :dizzy:

So last week I got this cardigan I had seen in the Urban Outfitters catalog. Thankfully it was in stores so I could try it on! Though some guy there was being a creeper and using the same mirror on the showroom while I was using it. Yeah, like standing behind me and checking himself out while I was looking at how this cardi fit me… so I turned around and told him there’s another mirror OVER THERE THANK YOU.

I wore it out on Saturday. :rose3: Went to a couple of stores including Saks, COOP – Barneys New York, Anthropologie, Sephora, MAC, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s & so on~~

Anthropologie has some vintage-style Christmas decorations for sale! :ladeeda: Like baubles and tinsel in old fashioned packaging. But it’s crazy overpriced. I’d have better luck convincing my Mom to give me her vintage decor, LOL. :blushingcute:

After that went to have lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. Got Evelyn’s Favorite Pasta sans pine nuts. :kissyfaceheart: And nope, no cheesecake for me, I was too full~ I actually don’t get cheesecake there very often :X, I’m always too full & I hate bringing food home where I forget to finish it in time & it spoils. If I do want cheesecake I go and order just cheesecake! :iiface:

Then it was off to Victoria’s Secret! I had Mike’s birthday coupon for $10 off any purchase! :laughingheart: So I went in to get some travel-sized lotions. Mine from last year are all empty now. :;_;: I had the little tubes from the last holiday gift set! :sqxmastree: These year’s come in a way cuter box with newer scents (not just the classics!) Ended up with $20 worth of stuff but when the girl rang me up she scanned the coupon, bagged it & gave it to me without my payment! I asked, “Don’t I have to pay??!” She said the coupon covered it 100%!! I’ve never walked out of of store without paying a dime, it was AWESOME! I guess the coupon was doubled or something because it really was for only $10 off but the total came to $20. So confused. :eep: But when I tried to get her to clarify she seemed really annoyed so I left and chalked it up to an awesome day~~ :gigglewakuface: :upheart:

I haven’t gotten a “larger” VS bag in a while, haahaa~ Usually I buy so little I get those tiny bags. I’m easily amused, what can I say~ :iiface:

Outfit Stats:
:bow: Cardigan: Urban Outfitters
:bow: Bow-tie Blouse: Yesstyle
:bow: Jeans: Forever 21
:bow: Boots: Shimamura
:bow: Bag: Coach

Also got around to beating Kirby’s Epic Yarn last weekend!! :grinning: I really liked this one, mostly because of the art design and multiplayer option. It was a bit disappointing to not be able to suck in enemies and transform, but the multiplyer & almost perverse & warped dialogue (LOL seriously, Oh Kirby~) But it’s probably just my own mind in the gutter. :skull:


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