SANA Esteny Hip & Leg Power Tight

Saturday March 31, 2012 comments   

I emptied my bottle of SANA Esteny Hip & Leg Power Tight last night so I wanted to do a quick write-up about it!

I started using it over a month ago after finishing the Esteny Body Hot Massage Gel.

It’s another gel that has the heat-up effect and a power punch of citrus scent. I feel like this one heated up more than the Body Hot Gel from last month and I also felt it was a bit more “effective.” Definitely smoothed and firmed up my skin some. Nothing miraculous but still better than using nothing. The scent is extremely strong! At first it reminded me of bathroom cleanser, haha! Because it’s this overwhelming citrus orange scent. A few days in I started liking it, I think it’s a good scent that would be perfect for the summer months. I still prefer Esteny Body Hot Massage’s scent of apple ginger :) But this gel dried/absorbed really clean leaving no greasy or sticky residue.

I got mine from Yesstyle here.


Self-heating body gel stimulates blood circulation and accelerates metabolism to break down excess fat, reduce cellulite and tighten hips and thighs. Orange extracts eliminate fat for a noticeable slimming effect on lower body. After taking a shower, towel-dry skin and massage a generous amount of slimming gel all over hips and legs until it is fully absorbed by skin.
Orange extracts effectively helps to eliminate fats and tighten up the bottom of body.

Double slimming and firming effect from cool to hot sensation.

Significant effect on slimming up hips and legs.

How to Use:

Dry skin after bath.

Apply generous amount onto hip and legs and massage for 2 to 3 minutes.

Leave on skin and no need to rinse.

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Red Madewell Cardigan

Friday March 30, 2012 comments   

Years ago I had this red cardigan from Forever 21. Honestly it probably looked “worn” after the first few washings but I didn’t care. :deco13: I kept it for years. I finally let it go over a year ago. I saw this cardigan at Madewell a few weeks ago and when I went back last weekend it was on sale. :deco6:

Even though I told myself “no new knits” because it’s spring & warming up, I still bought it. lolol It was -$50 off and my favorite color. I love how it’s using the reverse side (or purl side) of stockinette stitch instead of the usual proper “smooth” knit side. It gives it this little extra look of texture that feels very “summer” to me.


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