Be Back in 2 Weeks

Tuesday April 17, 2012 comments   

I’m off soon. I’ll be back in about 2 weeks. Staying in Tokyo with a few day trips outside the city. Really looking forward to seeing Yokohama for the first time. We have a friend who is living there now & haven’t seen him in about 2 years.
Anyway! Though the hotel room has wifi, I end up naturally “unplugging” while on vacation. :) :deco13:

If I do update it will most likely be my TWITTER or maybe TUMBLR.






I’m Already Packing

Sunday April 15, 2012 comments   

I’ll be leaving for Japan in a few days and have already started packing. I want to conserve as much room as possible in my single checked suitcase. I was really happy with how things turned out at New Year’s with my carry-on only packing. Really forced me to limit my choices to items that would work with multiple looks. So I’m doing that again. :deco2:

I was frustrated to find that I had lost my packing notes from New Year’s. I really needed them for guidance again and I wanted to see my thought process behind the efficient coordinate choices! So, in order to not lose them again, I’ll blog them.

– Zara Navy Blue Palm Tree Dress
– Zara Mint Green Blazer
– Comme des Garcons Navy Striped PLAY top
– Uniqlo Black Dot White Blouse
– Gap Navy Blue Knit Sweater
– Madewell Dark Wash Denim Shorts
– H&M Thick Beige Pleated Skirt

First I made of list of my favorite clothes. Then I cut out the items that weren’t “multi-taskers.” Like dresses that couldn’t be worn with sweaters or cardigans. Also crossed off any items that just wouldn’t work for the climate. It’s spring with averages between 50F~70F.

I took note of a few things mentioned in Tim Gunn: A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style that I previously posted.

“Having a narrative is a way to streamline what you are going to bring.”

This was actually a really fun (and surprisingly helpful!) way to decide on what to bring! I gave some thought to my wardrobe and then wrote down a few imagined themes. Eventually I settled on the theme Tokyo Gamine. OK, it’s a bit arbitrary but it meant something to me; in my mind! lolol:deco13: And it really did help focus my choices and keep off-theme items from creeping into my suitcase.

personal thoughts, etc. – I knew I didn’t want to pack jeans, because I rarely even wear jeans at home, and I don’t feel my best in them. I also knew I didn’t want to pack a coat. Even a light coat takes up room. So a spring blazer paired with a long sleeve top is warm enough for chilly nights. Packing an extra pair of the thick knit tights I wore all winter for chilly nights. Also bringing various sheer tights too or I can just go no-tights for warm days. Bringing but not shown is my new rain coat, some thin belts, and a nicely sized but comfortable handbag. I just wanted to be comfortable with uncomplicated clothing that still felt like “me” but that would also be ready for any spring temperature change.

Going to wear the sweater, dress, and knit tights on the plane. I’m always freezing on planes and the tights are as comfortable as roomwear! The sweater I can easily remove if I get hot, though I doubt that will happen.

So 7 pieces of clothing creating a total of 20+ looks not including a change of tights/no tights.

Simple! Add or remove the blazer or extra layer for a bit of a change in look. I’m also prepared for the spring temperature changes from day to night. :P This will be more than enough choices for a 10 day trip.

I still need to go to the nail salon ASAP for a quick manicure. I’m going to bring my bottle of Dior Red Royalty to have used. I’m currently wearing the Chanel Lotus Rouge I got from Yesstyle. It’s deeper rich red. But I’d like to have something more vibrant now. It’ll be a nice stress-reliving treat before I take off. I find most manicures I get done at the salon tend to last a few days longer than my at home ones. Plus they clean up my cuticles and reshape them perfectly. :deco2:

Since I mentioned Tim Gunn’s book (once again) and the style concept of “gamine” I thought I’d include a bit from the “style mentor” chapter and specifically focus on the gamine section. A bit paraphrased. Basically multiple styles along with some examples are listed within his book.


Signature Look

“Ahh, those French. The key to this look is simplicity. For warm weather: a basic shift and ballet flats or leather sandals. And for winter: pretty much the same but with seasonally appropriate fabrics. Flat boots, wool tights, ballet slippers. The gamine is rarely seen in a heel.

Sofia Coppola – Natalie Portman

Classic, feminine, and young. It is the writer and director Sofia Coppola we are discussing. Petite with extremely striking features. In a recent article in The New York Times, she led a walk around Paris in simple black ballet flats, a black pleated skirt, and a navy pullover. In another photo she appeared in jeans and a black crew neck sweater. One does not get the sense that she agonized that morning over what to wear.

Another contemporary gamine is the absolutely lovely Natalie Portman. Ms. Portman, too, is petite, which raises the issue of whether petite-ness is a prerequisite for being gaminesque. The French word as a noun refers to a child or adolescent. However, it also means “mischievous” or “impish.” Ms. Portman manages to look both sophisticated and age-appropriate. She favors simple shapes in a muted color palette. Her choices almost always fall within the realm of classic, while never being stuffy.”


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