Within a Single Carry On Luggage

Tuesday November 20, 2012   

I thought I’d do a quick “packing” entry. Since this is an evolving learning experience I’d like to continue practicing.

I’m visiting family for Thanksgiving this week. The temperature there is now 37F – 73F and I decided to stick to a classic casual theme. I had started working this out a few weeks ago but now that I have the weather forecast to go by it got easier to plan.

  • art dot dress //madewell
  • striped top //yesstyle
  • micro dot patterned oxford //uniqlo
  • black skinny jeans //old navy
  • black pencil skirt //banana republic
  • red peacoat //h&m
  • tokyo storyteller scarf //madewell
  • black flats //payless
  • fold-over tote bag //yesstyle
  • tights (not shown)

First I took into consideration my current favorite items.
Next was temperature of course.
Followed by aesthetic.

Though being comfortable is important when lazing around with family, I also knew I’d like to look a bit presentable and maybe even somewhat matured when going out or attending the family gatherings. So I felt most comfortable with some clean classics. A basic palette of black, white, and red. The skinnies & striped top are extremely comfortable too. I’m actually wearing that on the plane. So pair the striped top with the pencil skirt and it balances out the relaxed/stiffness level. Same with the somewhat formal white dotted oxford and cotton soft skinnies. Most of all I still needed to feel comfortable in my own skin. Which I don’t when wearing just blue jeans and baggy t-shirts. :dizzy:

I’m bringing a few tights of various thickness as well. It can be challenging to pack for such a temperature change all the while sticking to a single carry on luggage.

– dot dress +/- coat
– striped top + skinnies +/- coat
– striped top + skinnies + dot blouse +/- coat
– striped top + skirt +/- coat
– striped top + skirt + dot blouse +/- coat
– striped top + dot dress +/- coat
– dot blouse + skinnies +/- coat
– dot blouse + skirt +/- coat

8~16 looks depending on whether or not you count the coat. I count the addition of a coat as changing the look but that’s me :)

Worked out pretty great when I did this last year. Hopefully it’ll feel a tad warmer since it’s Thanksgiving & not New Year’s this time!


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22 Responses to “Within a Single Carry On Luggage”

  1. Loma says:

    I just love the way you organize your outfits before, all the variations. I wish I was that organized. And you’ll look great in all those variations, so stylish *~* 16 looks, omg!!! So clever U_u

  2. lissy says:

    creating variations of outfits is a really smart idea, saves luggage space whilst creating different looks (Y) btw your drawings are really cute ^^

  3. Jesslyn says:

    I totally admire how you can work out soooo many different looks with just those clothing items! Salute!! :D

  4. L says:

    Your packing skills are enviable! And only carry on luggage too! XD

  5. Leanne says:

    packing is a real art form and i think you’ve nailed it!

    i think i need to buy more basics to create more outfit combinations.

  6. Michelle says:

    You are like a closet genius. I am slowly building up my closet with just essentials and classics. I am currently content with my mini collection of oxfords and flats. I haven’t found the perfect place for skirts, though. My very old collection of pencil skirts (from F21) finally gave up on me and now I’m stuck with just one (which isn’t very good for work, haha).

    I love the pop of red! My favorite color is red. n_n

  7. Eliz says:

    Have fun! Thanksgiving is always an AWESOME excuse to overeat on delicious food :)

  8. Thanh Thao says:

    I wish I had your sense of style and taste!! It is as if every piece you pick up was only made for you ;) Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Anna says:

    Love these posts!
    Thanks to these traveling posts, the last 3 times I’ve traveled longer periods of time, I’ve felt so happy with my packing, so thank you! I’m also looking forward to my next trip because I want to pack like this again haha!

    I would love love love to see a post for what you’re wearing this winter, like the autumn wardrobe post you made!
    Thank you for being such a big inspiration, it’s hard to find blogs(at least for me) that cater for women over their 20’s. So thank you, really, from the bottom of my heart.

  10. tomoko says:

    omg, this is so helpful. i’m visiting home this weekend too. i shall use this “rubric” to pack!

  11. Joey says:

    If I have time, I usually like to plan in advance, too. It makes light-travelling so much easier, yet we can still dress nicely hehe

  12. Thao says:

    Yay for light packing! I have your little sketches btw.

  13. fatkarme says:


  14. I love these posts! I want to have a more cohesive wardrobe to make getting dressed less stressful.

    I’m going on a three week trip to Japan (my first time there!) starting the at end of May, what types of things would you recommend bringing that time of year/what are important things to bring abroad? Also, any recommendations for shoes that are comfortable to walk around in for long periods of time AND cute?

    Sorry for all the questions! I’ve never traveled for such a long period of time or even been on a plane before, so any advice is very much appreciated!

    • jenny says:

      These entries touch on this a little more:

      Especially on the shoes, what to pack, etc.

      It’ll be about 65F~75F so you’ll probably want to bring some light layers like a light sweater. It’s also rainy season then so if you have a rain coat you like maybe bring that. (this was mine I brought last April & I used it nearly every day http://sushi-cat.net/2012/03/20/free-people-lace-print-raincoat/ )
      Umbrella’s are extremely easy to find & purchase in Japan. Also extremely cheap. I got a super cute one for 350 yen that lasted the 2 weeks I was there.

      When going abroad there’s a few things I’ve found useful for myself to bring. Over the counter medicines for tummy troubles, aches & pains, heartburn, etc. It’s not impossible to pick this stuff up abroad but it’ll just save you the time and trouble from having to make a pharmacy stop where they might sell unfamiliar meds. Also any feminine products you use unless you couldn’t care less what you use. Years ago I traveled to Europe where, at the time at least, tampons were a bit too different for my liking & I was happy I brought my usual brand along.

      Bring a plug adapter if you’re bringing any plug in items. And if you are, check the voltage level and compare it to Japan’s so you know it’ll work. You could also buy a converter if needed.

  15. Bianca says:

    um everything is perfect here? I hope you had a wonderful trip filled with delicious foods! Hope you’re not too stuffed!

  16. Sewon says:

    Your polkadot coat is adorable, Jenny! Hope you had lovely Thanksgiving holiday with the family~

  17. grl.li says:

    Perfect topic! I always over pack and never coordinate as well as I should. Great advice, fantastic outfits and accessories! Thanks.

  18. grl.li says:

    P.S., I love your adorable fashion sketches! :)

  19. Tori says:

    Link to the fold over tote bag, y/n? ❤

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