2014 Wrapping Up

Tuesday December 30, 2014 comments   

For 2015 I definitely want to be more active with this blog. I want to take more photos with my Olympus Pen and have more to scroll through than just my illness updates. That said, I wonder if it can be the “same” blog and achieve this? Because, though I like my old posts, I’m not tripping over myself to write reviews or take outfit snaps or any of that for this blog right now, and haven’t in a while. But it also isn’t somewhere I dump all my questions of life either. No, if you really want to know what I’m up to then my Tumblr is for that now I suppose.

My Favorite 2014 Blog Posts

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What was 2014 for me this year? It was about endurance. I had stopped the diet cycling, allowed my body to heal. I asked for help when I needed it and found it was there. I experienced great loss and sacrificed my time for others who needed it more. I experienced pain on a nonstop basis and am just now getting through a day without ibuprofen. I couldn’t help a friend no matter how hard I tried but I found more of myself. I also learned to enjoy cooking. Found amazing support in my physical therapy team. Discovered how supportive a work environment can be in your time of need. I’m proud of the work I did this year and the new things I learned. I’m proud of the time and care I put into my summer garden and the joy I got from it after having skipped doing it in previous years. I’m overjoyed that I took the time to rediscover my love for hockey while trying out new hobbies such as painting and aromatherapy. And I’m proud that I’m happy right now. That I accept myself more. That I can accept others more because of it.






January Issue of Lee

Sunday December 28, 2014 comments   

The January issue of Lee is really cozy and festive (in a quiet way) so I thought I’d share a few of my favorite pages.

Lee magazine page
Lee magazine page
Lee magazine page
Lee magazine page
Lee magazine page
Lee magazine page
Lee magazine pageLee magazine page


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