Black Friday

Monday December 02, 2013 comments   

Anyone else go out for Black Friday? I ended up going out at 8:00pm, midnight, and again at 7am. Wasn’t what I planned but it’s how it went down nonetheless. And as I type this I can say I’m officially 100% done with my Christmas shopping. I just have to get down to the post office now.
Thanks Black Friday!
I ended up getting an entire new winter outfit on sale.


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Spring Wardrobe Picks

Wednesday May 29, 2013 comments   

spring wardrobe

Spring Things

mint blazer (Zara)
gray blazer (JCrew)

denim dot shirt (Madewell)
blue pinstripe & dot shirt (Madewell)
red & blue striped shirt (Madewell)
sun kissed blue silk shirt (Everlane)
navy ryan tee (Everlane)
navy sweater (Everlane) *pictured here*

skinny skinny ankle jeans (Madewell)
bistro skirt (Madewell)

mountain blossom bag (Uguisu)
black flats (Payless)
hair ties (emi-jay, maison de reefur)
living grace perfume (Philosophy)

This was a long spring. It stayed chilly so even into late May this is what I’m wearing. However this week the temperatures are on the upswing from 60° to 90° so it’s likely full blown summer now. So this is maybe a look back at what I was wearing up until today. My favorite was really the ryan tee paired with the blazers. Some things will transition over into summer. I forgot to add my sweater to the photo. I quickly put everything together after getting home from work today.

I’m still obsessed with blue. I recently purchased a blue china-pattern like skirt I hope to get a lot of wear from this summer as well. It’s a mini skirt but I bought a size up so that it would be a little longer & office appropriate.

I’ve been wearing my hair up all spring and giving my eyes a break from contacts and wearing my glasses a little more often too.

Besides that I have some summer dresses still packed away that I’ll pull out. See how much I’ll wear them. Some things I pulled out for spring from last year I didn’t really wear much. That’s OK. They’re good items and I might want to wear them in the fall or next spring. Of course if they still go unworn I’ll probably donate them after that. :)


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